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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by defacto, May 12, 2004.

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    May 11, 2004
    For this school project my partner and I are using Final Cut Pro to do a documentary. We're trying to somehow add subtitles to it...or to somehow include a black screen on which to put text inbetween clips. We're new to this software...anyone know how we might be able to do this? Also, does anybody know how we can export the video into an mpeg format?

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    Jan 29, 2003
    To make a title, go to the viewer and look at the lower right hand corner (1st attached screenshot), mouse over titles, and choose the type of title that you want. You can then change the attributes with the controls tab (2nd screenshot). You can then move it around the screen by going back to the video tab-to the square at the top, clicking it, and choosing "Image + wireframe", and moving it about the screen (3rd screenshot). When you are done with the title, you can drag it from the viewer into your timeline.

    Hope this helps!


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    Oct 19, 2003
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    you can export mpeg4 out of final cut pro by going to your timeline, placing an inpoint at the beginning of the sequence, an outpoint at the end (or wherever you want in the sequence). go to the file menu (picture 1) and select export w/ quicktime conversion - and selecting mpeg4 on the pull down menu of the next window (picture 3). you can also export "using compressor" which can compress a bit better from my experience. if you want to go mpg1 though, you may have to export as a quicktime file and use cleaner, squeeze, or another compressor to encode it. i dont think you can encode mpg1 with compressor.

    hope that helps too!

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    Compressor will do mpeg2 & mpeg4. if you want mpeg 1 you need discreet cleaner ($1000!) or movie2mpeg (free) or if you have toast you can create a video cd (max duration is about 70 min) , then on the vcd look in the MPEGAV folder and the AVSEQ01.dat ,AVSEQ02.dat, etc files are mpegs, copy them to desktop and rename them using .mpg

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