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Apr 12, 2001
With the Macworld Expo keynote only 2 days away, and
a mix a rumors floating around... it comes time for
some fun...

Add your specific predictions to the comments of this
thread. Be as specific as possible... and we'll see who
turns out to be right. The winner will get 10 seconds of
fame before the next round of rumors roll in for the next
MacWorld. :)


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May 25, 2001
LCD Displays

Here is my prediction for MWNY:

The 15" Studio Display is cut in price to $499
The 17" Studio Display stays at $999
A new 20" Cinema Display is introduced at $1499
The 22" Cinema Display is cut in price to $1999


Here goes :)

-no changes

-no changes

-iPhoto - consumer level photo management/editor
-iTunes - boosted to 1.2
-iDVD - quietly tweak UI; fix bugs
-Mac OS 9.2 released
-Mac OS 10.1 promised in a few weeks

Power Mac Cube
-still dead

PowerMac G4
-redesigned case for improved airflow and cooling
-programmer's button removed
-internal speaker removed; Pro Speakers bundled
-internals modified to fit 4 RAM slots, addressing up to 4GB RAM
-low end model: 733mhz/40GB IDE/128MB/Geforce2mx/DVD-CDRW $1799
-middle model: 866Mbz/60GB IDE/256MB/Geforce2mx/DVD-CDRW $2499
-high end model 1000Mhz/80GB/512MB/Geforce3/DVDR-CDRW $3299
-all models upgradeable to dual processors

-15" viewable LCD
-no color choice
-750cxe processors
-low end model: 533mhz/20GB/128MB/Geforce2mx/CD $999
-middle model: 633Mhz/30GB/128MB/Geforce2mx/CDRW $1299
-high end model: 667Mhz/40GB/256MB/Geforce2mx/CDRW $1499

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Jul 7, 2001

Here goes nothing:

500, 600, 700mhz processors. (G3)
CD-RW in two lower models, Combo drive in 700mhz
16MB video cards, GeForce 2MX in highest model
15" Flat screen Diamondtron CRT
128mb ram min. PC-100
Touch screen anyone? It already exists for an iMac, but is very expensive. This could be the "gut feeling" I'm having about this MacWorld. Something big is going to happen.
Same price points

Powermac G4:
533, 733, 866, 933 mhz
Dual Processors on all models standard.
Combo drives in 533 & 733.
866 & 933 have superdrive.
128 min PC-133 Ram, 256 on higher models (would like to see DDR, but it's too soon for a motherboard revamp.)
minimal case redesign
GeForce 2MX/Radeon BTO on 533 & 733. GeForce 3 standard on 866 & 933
40, 60, 80 gig Hard Drives
Same price points

iBook & Powerbook G4:

Mac OS 9.2
OS X.1 coming in September w/Powerbook revision.



Jun 4, 2000
Alexandria, VA
my predictions...

Ok, for the record, my predictions for the G4 towers are as such (I will only predict G4's here, as I am now without a Mac and am counting on new G4 towers!!):

dual G4 533 = $1699
G4 733 = $2199
dual G4 733 = $2599
G4 833 (or 866) = $2999

...there it is, for core offerings (there'll be a $3499 of some sort for SuperDrive DVD-R bundle machines, etc). I think there is a chance that (throwign off my above table) there may be an overlap--two machines of different config sitting at the same pricepoint this time. Just have a slight feeling there.




I think we will hear about Apple's recent purchases publicly-Palm OS, and PPC rights from Motorola beginning in 2002.

1Ghz G4's

17" iMac up to 750mhz-$1499

Some new portable. The new iBook, I still believe, was the old rumored "CubeBook". When the cube was determined a flop, Steve and Co. spun it as the new iBook. We WILL see a new portable this week. I'd bet $$$ on it. Go ahead and flame me.:)

OS 9.2
Time schedule for OS X 10.1

OK. I'm done embarrassing myself. Good night.



Jul 9, 2000

no LCD yet on iMac but maybe flat screen

faster G4s up to 1 ghz or 900 mhz with dual models

ibook and tibook same except for combo drive in tibook


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May 1, 2001
My predictions!

iBook: New colors introduced (Platinum, and Gloss Black), and faster speed G3s at 600 Mhz +. Bus speed upped to 100 MHz.

TiBook: CDRW/DVDR Combo now standard and Super Drive model (DVD burning) now BTO. G4 Speeds bumbed up to 733 Mhz.

PowerMac: New case enclosure, solid color available, ready for rack mounting in multi-unit server configuration with OS X Server. All models upgradable to dual processor with a user-servicable ready to upgrade motherboard. Possibility of a quad-processor model for high end model or server use (Thing2?). Speeds bumped up to close to a Gigahert if not over! Bus speeds upped to either 166 or 200 MHz.

iMac: Some changes. Graphics chips upgraded with 16MB video RAM. Memory now standard minimum 128 MB. Possible SE model with 256 MB and GForce 3 optimal for gaming or options as BTO. Bus speeds upped to 133 MHz.

Vendor Software highlight: Apple has co-opted yet another big name from the Windows world to produce a particularly important app for OS X.

Apple Software highlight: OS X versions of all Apple titles are ready including DVD Studio Pro, iDVD, and Final Cut Pro 2.

Apple new hardware feature: FireWire 2 now shipping at 800 Mbps! Subtitle: USB 2 thrown in now that it doesn't threaten to detract from FireWire's marketability.

Mystery new hardware product #1: Apple has licensed Palm OS and is shipping it with their own new PDA with a color LCD screen with more color and resolution than on the Palm IIIc.

Mystery new hardware product #2: THE THING EMERGES! Apple will finally introduce their high powered hardware to compliment OS X Server! It will be minimum dual processors at near Gigahert level or quad processor with the ability to work in tandem with other rackmounted Things over Fire Wire connections to handle high amounts of server traffic.


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Jul 15, 2001
iPhoto idea

Is is possible that the new iMac, featuring a Vaio like LCD, will use iPhoto as a pen/tablet style images creation device?

Any thoughts?


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Jan 5, 2001
Sydney, Australia
Predictions from down under.

Im going to go for gold here.

iMac Scenario 1 (realistic) :

iMac with Diamontron 15inch CRT with changed enclosure to accept the flat screen. Removal of FlowerPower and blue dalmation to make way for two new colours. May add touch screen. May be G3 or G4, or mix.

Models - all running on 133mhz bus
533mhz - CD-RW, 128mb, 20gig, OS X standard(or 9.2),
600mhz - CD-RW, 128mb, 30gig, OS X " " "
666mhz - CD-RW / DVD Combo, 256mb, 40gig, OS X " " " "

iMac Scenario 2 (believable) :

iMac "Teserra" formerly known as Son Of Pismo (SOP) will be released. They will feature a unit much the same as a enlarge iBook with slot load on front. A 14.1 inch LCD Will accompany the unit that will balance on a on a specially disigned weighted mechanism to the side.
Designed in 500, 600 and possibly 700 mhz. Featuring the same specs as listed above. Screen will be detachble touch screen and can be used as "webpad" based on the new Blue tooth technology.

(iMacs with LCD's are very possible, not only would Apple be buying an absolute tonne of LCD's driving down the price (they invested $100million in samsung LCD development but also, if iMacs with LCDs were born the weight and size of the shipping Box would decreased, meaning cheaper transport, especially world wide)

Cube - "Violin music plays"
Teserra mentioned above may come with G4 processor in 533,667 replacing the cube leaving the iMac with a DimondTron CRT. And filling the void in middle market operations. Jobbs is probably too proud to kill the CUBE, he needs to replace it with something to make people forget it existed!

PowerMac G4 (A big guess) -

Industrial oriented case. People want stuff that looks like it was built to last. Made from metal or look alike plastic, curvy days may be gone again, We may return back to being a little square like in the 80's.

Could very well Happen -

G4 667 SP Base model - 40 Gig, 256mb, OS 9.2 and X. 16x CD-RW
G4 733 DP Mid range - 60gig, 256mb, OS 9.2 and X. 16x CD-RW / Combo
G4 833 DP Mid upper - 80gig RAID, 512mb, OS 9.2 and X, 16x CD-RW DVD-R Combo
G5 1000 SP - 80gig RAID, 256mb DDR, X, 16x CD-RW/ 4 X DVD-R combo, Roms and board specifically for X, Massive performace boost from this and G5 specific for OS 10.1 pure performance at 256bit processing. 512 L2 and 1mb L3 cache. running at 200mhz

(OK the last ones a bit of a dodgy one, but I was reassured that I we would see a G5 at this MacWorld.

TiBook -
* CD-RW DVD combo
* 533 and 667 (DP 466 possible. If so 667 wont make it)
* Firewire enhanced (chips replaced on board to work at 400mbps)
* Black in colour (a guess, but makes sense. Apparently it wasn't ever meant to be silvery)

iBook -

Tottally unchaged. The sales are just too huge. Not even a mention to upset the buying train that has made the iBook a best seller worldwide. No revised prices.


*Mouse and keyboard - May be wireless, but hesitant
*Animal based iMac's
*iPhoto - All models
*iWeb - A guess, easy to make your own webpage software???
*OS X 10.1 or 10.0.5 At least available for download ASAP
*TWO BUTTON MOUSE, it may be time with OS X to start a new era. Scroll wheels hopeful.
* G5 in lineup (somewhere)
* Rackmountable G4 servers in 667 DP ONLY
* ATA 100 7200 RPM Drives

Actually This is more a "every possible config" then a run down.



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Jun 13, 2001
Steve Jobs:
New jeans :p

Flat CRT.
New Graphics card and more hard drive.
White enclosure and a top gray one

Keeps equal

New enclosure.
Velocity up to 933MHz(1GHz maybe)
Dual Versions(pray for options for 4 procesors)

Combo drive built in.

RackMounted server
Maybe (Pray for it) The InkWheel named iPen
MacOS X 1.1 for September.


New Macs...

Here it is:

iMac : Flat 14.1 with 1024*768 Resolution. G3 'til 800 Mhz. Combo-Drive in SE Version . GeForce 2 MX 400.
min. Ram 128 in SE 256 mb.

New form in titan-look, only MP

new motherboard with at least 200 or 266 mhz, DDR-Ram

processors : 733 entry, middle 866, high-end 999 ,

Ram: entry 128 Middle: 256 , high-end : 512 ,

HD's : entry:60 gb middle:80 + bto Raid high-end: raid 2*80gb.

Graphics: Geforce 2 in entry and middle , gf3 in high-end

Software: OS 10.0.5 , itunes2, iphoto

That's it.....


OS X 10.1

I personally expect to see OS X 10.1 at MWNY. I don't know why people are all of a sudden doubting its appearance, but I'd like to keep the faith. Steve Jobs won't let us down again by pushing back an update that he promised long ago after not giving us DVD playback on time. It would be a fool's move.


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Jul 2, 2001
Texas, USA

G5 1000 SP - 80gig RAID, 256mb DDR, X, 16x CD-RW/ 4 X DVD-R combo, Roms and board specifically for X, Massive performace
boost from this and G5 specific for OS 10.1 pure performance at 256bit processing. 512 L2 and 1mb L3 cache. running at 200mhz

I'll buy one of these from you right away (straight away) --- mate!


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Apr 18, 2001
here are mine!

the xxs in the speeds will be a weird speed from apple like 533, 677, etc

- * new * iMacs 5xx,6xx,7xx
- updated PowerMacs 6xx,7xx,8xx,9xx
- PowerBook updates 550,6xx,7xx
- NO iBook updates
- Steve jobs will make a new hardware announcement
- Mac OS X update
- Mac OS 9.2
- Updates to Apple software (iTunes, iMovie, iDVD)
- New software???


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Jul 16, 2001

Dual G3 800MHz
GeForce2 MX
17 inch LCD display
the ability to use a stylus on the new LCD's
PCI Expansion slots
New style of casing

PowerMac G4:

Dual G4 833MHz-1GHz
New Case Design
Use a stylus on LCD's

iBook: A Black colored version

"Steve Jobs will announce his plans of world domination"

Just Me

MacWorld Predicitions

* Dual Screen, Dual processor iBook - Incorporating two screens wich will fold out like a menu at a Chinese restaurant. Using the included 3D glasses, the user will be literally immersed in OS X and some radical new games Steve J. will demo including Pong X.
* PowerBook Plutonium - Battery life now measured in centuries; comes with graphite case to reduce core temperatures. Available in a variety of colors, all of which glow in the dark.
* G4 Tower - New 1.5 processor will incorporate a 1001 MHz G4 and an 8 MHz 68040. The only Mac capable of running every OS ever created for any computer.
* iMac - The iMac will look remarkably like the current iMac except there will be no keyboard or mouse. While speculation about touchscreen and voice input are rampant, the Nepalese Macintosh Users Group has released a revealing tidbit on telepathic input. Unfortunately, the user has to wear an Airport Base Station on their head.


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Jul 10, 2001

Greetings, Mac Faithful

I feel the closest to the prize is oasamostexianu,except, for the LCD displays on the iMac. I also want to add that SJ will be announcing new Apple Store openings.


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May 7, 2001
Here goes:

Mac OS X:
No explicit announcement, about an update just a "updates coming at the same fast pace" jargon.

533, dua 533, 733, Dual 733, 866

Larger screen, all else the same

Modest speed bump... 533, 677

Flat screen. Modest speed bump.

Mac announces plans for a PDA... to come out later.

Take care.

Checking Your Sources!

Can I get some help?

Hey there! Nothing to complain about this time, just wondering if anyone has seen those AppleOnlooker guys lately...? Heh heh heh.


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Jul 17, 2001
Ok so this is a bit late in this thread, but here's what I think.

iMacs - The low end iMacs will feature the same old CRT-based iMac enclosure we all know, but the high-end model or two models will be entirely new and LCD-based. Everyone who says LCD iMacs won't be a do say it because the margins on the low-end LCD iMacs would be too little. But obviously that isn't a problem for the higher end, is it? Also, a lot of rumor sites have quoted sources as saying there will be no new iMacs. Well what if the engineers or whathaveyou that they quoted had only seen the lower-end iMacs? What if the new one was kept in very intense secrecy? Then everyone would decide the iMacs would be your run of the mill rev and everyone would go nuts when they found out the truth.

G4s - Low end at 733 MHz, high end at 933 MHz, but Apple will announce a 1 GHz model that will be released at a later date when the chips are ready. It can't pass up on the opportunity to announce they've hit the 1 GHz mark. Also I'd say expecting every model to be MP standard is a bit unreasonable. Maybe one with the rest as BTO options. Oh and all-new enclosures, etc.

iBooks - While I think the idea that Apple would revamp the iBook with a bigger monitor so soon is pretty hard to believe, it's undeniable that there's a dearth of iBooks in the retail chain. So, I bet Apple will release dye-anodized colored iBooks tomorrow, maybe with some other small improvements, but that'll be the main thing.

Something *big* is coming. Apple has been super-secretive and they've advertised all over the place here in NYC. Something is up. If it's the new iMacs, then it's something pretty radical, like the theories that it will feature a removable pad as a display. Something about the codename Tessera has me wondering. If it's not that, then it'll be something with a PDA or something else. But something big will come out of this, I'm sure of it.


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Jul 17, 2001
new macs

i am willing to bet the farm that the top end mac will
be 1.2 gigaherts...inside info

Thin Ice

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Jul 9, 2001
What do you think of when I say "iMac"? Clear plastic bubble computer? That's what they are. I don't think Apple would release two different computers called iMac. If you make iMac2, then just an iMac1 sounds sucky doesn't it? It would confuse the market (as they say).

I think a new name would be better for whatever's coming.

We are getting conflicting stories from Apple. Fred Anderson says Apple are expecting a slight increase in sales over the next quarter if the market stays the same. Doesn't sound like exciting stuff.

But then Apple go and open their own stores. They must be expecting a rush, right?

I'm confused. There's only one thing I can think of that Apple could make to cause a huge (and lasting) increase in sales.

What if Apple have taken bits of the cube, bits of the iBook, airport, inkwell, iTunes, etc and built a digital hub?

Main box comes minus speakers, keyboard, everything, and you buy what you need. That makes it cheap. Detachable LCD screen with iBook internals. iHub software to run your house using something like an Airport/USB/X10 hybrid network (that can also be used via an iMac, so you don't have to pay big bucks). iTunes via the home stereo. iPhone. iAnsweringMachine. iToaster. Peripheral makers go nuts with possibilities and Apple once again injects enthusiasm into the PC market. Yay! It's not a DVD burning, high-end games machine. It just needs a DVD/CD-R combo drive to be in fitting with the digital hub thing. So it just needs a G3 and a Rage 128. Cheap as chips. It's not an iMac, but for a home consumer it can do so much more. "Who's at the door HAL?". :)

Apple are pushing the lifestyle angle in their new shops aren't they?

Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but even if they haven't built it, I want one.