Finally i’m an 8plus again!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kawa636r, Nov 6, 2017.

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    For me, and everyone else that I’ve talked to, the problem with the Xs width is portrait mode. Like you said, almost no one uses their phone in landscape... which means that we’re using safari and other apps in portrait mode... which is a better experience on the 8+
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    Aug 24, 2015
    That looks really drastic, Wow! I’m happy that I decided to wait for the X plus next year. My 8 plus will suffice for now. Hopefully they will fix this problem sooner than later with a software update. That would’ve driven me crazy.
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    Never thought I'd see the day when iPhone users are going at it.
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    You need to give battery a little more time to adjust plus you’re saying your charger is not working well probably iPhone X battery is not charging properly. If you can buy 29 W adapter buy it and then see how the battery life become long. I also was not happy in the first few charges but now battery is holding a lot. Give your iPhone X at least 10 charges.
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    Sep 26, 2017
    Hello, I've got my iPhone 8+ since the launch. First I was afraid about the swelling issues with 6 cases around the world lol ... I decided to call apple after 2 weeks to have more precisions ... they said "we don't have cases of swelling batteries" ...
    The iPhone 8+ was victim of a pure bashing... old design, swelling batteries omg 6 cases, everyone waits for the x...

    but truth is ... this phone is a beast.

    Best LCD panel ever made no ghosting, beautiful colors,viewing angles ...
    Photos and videos : top 60fps on 4K recording, portait Mode
    Battery: 11-13 hours of usage with bionic processor
    Wireless charging qi
    No notch, true full screen on 1080p videos
    100% compatibility with apps
    Stereo speakers (very loud)
    No toy feeling when you grabb it
    Touch id (fast, convenient to use everyday) and accurate of course !

    The first gen of X needs to be upgraded to become the real future of smartphone
    - next gen oled
    - notch removal
    - screen ratio 16/9 or wider screen
    - face Id improved or Touch ID again
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    Oct 7, 2017
    Yes sir!!!!
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    Nov 10, 2017
    I agree...

    First, I had the Samsung galaxy S7 and wanted to try the iPhone X, but could not for the life of me put up with the smaller keyboard and the width of the iPhone X screen, so I ditched it and bought the iPhone 8 plus and very happy with it. The screen is very good in my opinion, and so is the iPhone X, but I’m not willing to pay over $1000 for the screen in Face ID. In all honesty I will look at the follow on to next years iphone, and do hope it is slightly larger in a smaller form factor than the iPhone 8+
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    Dec 22, 2016
    Oh dear. The inmates are fighting again.

    Mods, where art thou?
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    Feb 28, 2016
    X is headache and money loosing product
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    Unless you are driving a lot if you need more than 8 hours of screen time in a day you should probably stop using your phone quite so much...
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    Impressive like count on your OP. The number of replies even more so.

    Vindication's a wonderful thing eh. :D
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    Relentless Power

    Jul 12, 2016
    Why would you make such a blatantly false statement knowingly that there is no truth behind it? If you have disapproval for the iPhone X, then so be it. But don't make statements that are entirely false because you Are disgruntled over a product that you don't like.
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    Dec 22, 2016
    The OP just showed their true colours.

    ...& their desperate need for high fives by creating this thread, when they could've just replied to the existing "returning my X" threads...
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    FacId is here to stay and the notch is here to stay apple has made that choice. I suspect in 3 years the notch will fade into the screen sub pixel area but not for about that long.

    The OLED is about as next generation as it gets I think your thinking of the newer LCD tech which will leap frog OLED.

    The aspect ratio is another thing I agree with you on but I do think they are going to push back from that. They are going to implement this with the plus next year and you will have the same pillar box video as you have now on the X which is the same size as the 7 for the plus model.

    I have to say your 100% on the fact that the 8+ is a beast it is what my SO is rocking and she is loving it. That phone is 90% an X. I however could never carry that candy bar in my pocket or hands. So if I downgrade from the X it will be to an 8. I have tried and failed over and over to move from the normals phone to the plus and it just does not work for me.

    That is what makes the X so hard for me. I get more screen same width as the normals phones with all the features I wanted off the plus size models IE the camera.
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    On the sliver scream
    LOL. Nice that Apple makes different phones for a variety of tastes, needs, wants and budgets. :)

    It doesn't always come down to price: my 7+ is way more iPhone than I need. Realistically, I am an SE gal.
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    Jan 22, 2008
    Tastes towards either phone are 100% subjective towards the needs/wants of the individual. It’s funny that these infighting threads do not have the 8 involved. Like politics or any subject that inspires opposing thoughts, nobody is going to change anybody’s minds, especially when that mind is made up.

    I believe the X is an upgrade from the 6/6s/7 the same way the iPhone 5 was an upgrade from the iPhone 4, and the iPhone 6 was an upgrade to all of the predecessors. I also think the plus models were to cater towards a niche market which may had been larger than even Apple execs expected. Regardless, the Plus is still not for everyone.

    I feel those upgrading from the 6/6s/7 will for the most part see and feel the true upgrade to the X due to similar form factor, and that screen, technology, battery life, etc easier to see where the upgrades really perform.

    This “upgrade” is much much more subjective and harder for Plus users to see because we are so much more used to a larger usable area and aspect ratio. The processor and RAM are exactly the same, the battery life is great on both, the cameras are great on both, the biggest physical differences between the 2 are the sizes of the devices, and the Plus has a wider/shorter screen vs taller thinner screen including notch on the X. That makes it MUCH harder to get used to from Plus to X than standard 6/6s/7 to X. The only technical upgrades are Face ID and front camera which makes the technical upgrade much more minimal for Plus users. The cost to upgrade to the 8 Plus vs the X is not as large so I don’t think the battle is price so much as being used to one thing, and needing to get used to something different.

    It’s funny, you heard very little complaints about the design of the MacBook Air/Pro lineups. Those laptops looked pretty much the same for a decade, but a 4th year design on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is old and antiquated for some, and tried and true for others.

    I am personally all about choice. I am happy Apple gave us the choice for tried and true or brand new.

    For me.....I watched the reviews, played with an X in the store for a LONG time, even purchased one to use it next to the 8 Plus. I wanted to love it. In the end, shorter and wider, tried and true beat out thinner and taller and brand new design. I didn’t feel the screen was so mind blowingly better on the X than the 8 Plus. And that’s ok. The X is not for everybody and the Plus size phones are not for everybody. From numerous threads and posts I do believe generally the X is so much more a no brainer for 6/6s/7 users than Plus users. But again, totally subjective, and none of us are wrong.
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    Oct 19, 2015
    It's getting
    Great post.
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    Feb 11, 2008
    You are calculating the notch in that.

    Also does not matter, the 8 plus has more useable area due to the aspect ration of the x. It's a narrower screen .... in the X, really not ideal
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    Because stringing together nonsense - as long as it's slightly pro-This/anti-That - will get equally non-contributing users to upvote your post :D
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    Oct 24, 2017
    Please watch this video to educate yourself. The X has a smaller screen.

  21. Mornnb macrumors newbie

    Aug 2, 2017
    Heavy users is who the iPhone Plus is for. It’s been the ‘Pro’ iPhone. And unfortunately the iPhone X is more of an improved iPhone 7 than an iPhone Plus replacement.
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    Jul 21, 2012
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    I disagree, loading the same page in portrait mode in Safari I see exactly the same amount of text displayed on the X and my 6S+ (actually a little more on the X.) The only size advantage I see on the plus sized iPhones is unzoomed video (especially native 16:9 content)
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    I’m guessing you are looking at both side to side? Can you please do me a favor and zoom the letters so they are the same size, put them side by side?

    One more test, open an iBook on both, change the letter size to be the same on both and tell me how it looks please?
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    Another person trying to justify the X by being condescending. Bravo

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