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    Nov 19, 2003
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    After two years of waiting, I finally ordered my iBook, my first to be mac. 12" 800mhz, 60gb HD, 256mb RAM, BT. I will buy the ram from crucial later when I have the cash, plan to max it out. For $1,111.00, nice even number. I heard that the products come from Tawain, so will it travel half the world in 7 days (2 to ship, 5 to travel)? And now for a few questions...

    I saw on some screenshots of panther that some people had the regular dock, blue with icons, others had no dock, other had only icons and no border. Is that option in panther, or do I need a third-party software?

    On the desktop, can I add my own folders, or can it only display the drives?

    Is the logical motherboard problem in the G3's or G4's only, and is the "white spots" in the PB only or iBook only?

    I heard a rumor that OS X does not support usb webcams, is this true, or can I download some generic driver to use it?

    Does the iBook need the Airport card for wireless networking, or is there a cheaper alternative?

    Any suggestions for an inexpensive wireless router for PC/Mac for file, internet, and printer share?

    Any suggestions for photo/film editing software besides photoshop/final cut?

    Thanks it for now, wait a week and I'll be asking more questions. Thanks
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    Re: Finally ordered iBook

    Third party for the most part...

    You can add anything you wish... folders, files, etc. You don't have to display the drive on there if you don't want either.

    I believe the logic board problem was G3 only. I haven't heard of white spots on the iBook. I think the white spots were the 15" Powerbook only.

    You can use USB webcams in OS X. Just not in iChat. Unless you get some third party stuff to do it (check

    The iBook needs an airport card for wireless networking. There *might* be some sort of USB wireless networking you can get but... it'd me messy and not worth it in my opinion. If you have an EDU discount or look in the special deals section of the Apple store you can get one for $79.

    Can't help you here (but left it so you didn't think I missed it). I use the Airport Extreme Base Station (Santa was good to me... :) )

    Try GraphicConverter for Photoshop replacement. If you don't need the extra frills it's a good bet. If you can afford Final Cut Express it's pretty nice. Otherwise you might stick with iMovie until you need something more.
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    Jan 12, 2004
    White dots do you mean by dead pixels? i have a ibook to same as yours and i got a dead pixel already right when it shipped to me. Anyways it takes about 7-10 days i believe thats how long it took mine to get here(from taiwan to cali). But you did buy a very good notebook youll be happy with it.
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    Dead pixels can be a problem with any LCD. The white spot problem was something different with the 15" Powerbooks after the last revision. It's supposedly fixed now though. I however was lucky and have no dead pixels on my 12" iBook... yay!
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