Finder icon dragged onto desktop


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Sep 28, 2003
I accidentally managed to drag my finder icon off the dock and now it floats on top of everything without any purpose. Nothing happens when i click on it and could'nt find anything in the options to fix it. It disappeared when I restarted the computer but I was just wondering why this happenedn cause now I'm unable to drag it off the dock. Is it just a bug? I run 10.4.1 now but this has happened to me once before when I was running Panther. I've fixed it but still curious as to what purpose it serves.



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Jul 13, 2006
Daveway said:
It's most likely a glitch in the dock graphic driver. A quick fix is to force quit the dock in Activity Viewer.
Thanks for this! I've had this problem 3 times now. In the past I just rebooted but this time I had a ton of open apps & work and did not want to have to close all the apps. This solution was a great fix without having to close all my other work.

PS: It's actually "Activity Monitor" you open to do this.