Finder images in Yosemite suck.


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Aug 12, 2011
So after much deliberation I finally upgraded to Yosemite from Mavericks.

Yesterday I was on my way home and stopped to take photos along the river. Today, I went into Finder to look at the images I wanted to email to my sister. On Mavericks and every other version of OS X, images in the finder looked great - very detailed and exactly how they appeared on screen when opened in Photoshop or Preview. Today however, I noticed that the images in Finder now SUCK! First the images are much smaller since any portrait image limits the size of any landscape image, which wasn't the case in Mavericks. Also, the shadowing behind the images is useless "fluff" that actually detracts from the actual image. However, WORST OF ALL the images look terrible! There is NO DETAIL whatsoever in the image - they look as though they were shot through a distorted window.

Yes, I can elect to view the image with the "preview" options, which does show the detailed image but why the h@ll did Apple change this in the first place. It WASN'T BROKEN and didn't "need" a fix. Also, I despise when ANY software vendor makes changes that require the user to do a search on how to do what was right in front of you in the existing software (MS has this nasty habit as well).

NO ONE should have to re-learn software when a new release comes out. This is the main reason I don't upgrade my software. Ninety-nine point nine percent of the changes made to productivity software and operating system software is useless (I think the "flat" icons and the new look of Yosemite is both unappealing and was a complete waste of time and effort - making changes for the sake of making changes.)

I might add that I actually upgraded to Mavericks when it first came out, which was a big mistake. There were so many issues I went back to Snow Leopard. I finally upgraded to Mavericks last year, figuring Apple had finally "fixed" all the problems with the initial release. I also don't upgrade OS X "religiously" because I'm running Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop CS 6 and have no intention of paying Adobe a monthly fee for the current CC versions - there's nothing in those I need.