Finder/Safari/Itunes Slowed down by SL. Finder Blank and not Responding

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by tmnijhuis, May 19, 2011.

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    May 19, 2011
    I recently updated my MB 2.16 intel duo to snow leopard (currently v.10.6.7) and worked fine for a couple of weeks, now it is in limbo.. nothing works properly. Itunes mostly won't start up, or it glitches while playing songs but the worst thing is, I can not open the HD normally; it stays blank and when I switch to icon view it kinda works, that is I am able to browse in icon view, but if I want to switch to list or the coverflow view it closes down after a long pause on a total blank finder window. Where it normally tells you how much Gig there is left is says SB2 and Places Shared Devices etc are now known as SD5 SD6 SD7 etc. Also a lot of options like copy paste and all the basic commands are now called FV12 N35 A3 and so on. This is only applied on the finder. Safari and Itunes are just really slow and while typing this I probably had 4 times The Spinning Beach Ball of Death. It is just awfull. I saw a lot of similar threads but I could not find one with an proper answer. So this is why I posted it again, hoping someone can tell me what to do. I'm already on the edge of just downgrading to tiger again, but I would rather not since I just bought the SL update and Tiger does not support my iphone any more.
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    1. Make sure you update all the applications you have since 10.6.x has a slightly different kernel than 10.5.x.

    2. Download either Yasu or Onyx and run all the cleaning routines. Let the program reboot your Mac and upon the reboot manually reboot again to completely rebuild your startup/shutdown system cache.

    3. Watch /Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor and see what is eating you processor up so much.

    4. Reset Your PRAM

    Good Luck.

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