Fine scratch in left edge of iPhone7+ screen - what are my options?

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    So coming back from Ireland I was selected for special security screening at our lovely Chicago O'Hare airport and in the confusion my iPhone 7+ and car keys got pressed together by the personnel there and there's a fine scratch on the upper left edge of the display. I didn't even notice until a couple hours later.

    I've tried the "place toothpaste there, let it dry and then use a microfiber cloth to wipe it off" trick but that must be a joke since it doesn't really eliminate it. Just the left smallest portion of it.

    I talked to a guy who could barely communicate at one of the repair kiosks at a local mall just asking and he wanted to charge me $100 to replace the screen. No idea if it's even an Apple part.

    The screen still works, it just has a stupid fine scratch on the upper left, mocking me every time I look at it.

    Grumble. Ideas?
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    As it was a result of a security screening, you could consider it "battle damage", and show your pride by ignoring it.

    Yeah, I know, hard to un-see...:cool:

    Clear nail polish will cure that scratch.

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