Firewire and Audio TC-Works Powercore/Yamaha 01X

Discussion in 'Community' started by daveg5, Mar 6, 2003.

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    Nov 28, 2001
    tc works is releasing powercore2 in a firewire rackmount, while not an audio i/o sound card this will allow you to use plugin fx and instruments with out using up your processing power or using plugin to disk in cubase or logic or DP and it is OSX out the box this does what my Yamaha DSP factory does in OS9 but with higher quality but you still need a soundcard. no price yet.
    Speaking of Yamaha, I am still waiting for OSX drivers for my DSPfactory, right now I am using my older Audiowerk2 card with Cubase SL in OSX, while using Logic and Cubase VST5.1 (I have tons of vstfx and PLUGS for OS) in OS9 with rebirth, reason and the DSPfactory ax44 in OS9. both are very stable and work great.
    Yamaha does have the Yamaha O1X a firewire (MLAN) based mixer/control surface with motorized faders-3 vst stereo fx units plugins, 2 Hardware fx units. seperate eq-compression on each channel. The drivers at in 10.2 already its meant to be competition for the digidesign digi 002.

    I am still hoping for a low cost 2in 2out headphone and digital out, 2X2midi i/o 24/96firewire box between $100-$200 with OSX, OS9, XP Drivers.
    There would be a huge market for this.
    Some company could clean up.
    But instead everyone is making low cost USB interfaces (USB 1 that is, at least go to 2) adding firewire shouldnt be that expensive. or expensive multiport firewire boxes.
    What would you like to see as it purtains to firewire-audio and macs.
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