first castle in level 3 of NSMB?

Discussion in 'Games' started by sam10685, Aug 5, 2006.

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    Feb 2, 2006
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    does anyone here know where a video is to the first castle in the 3rd world of NSMB? i can't figure that level out. i know i've seen that video somewhere but i don't know where and i can't find it. i think it was on youtube but it might have been on google video. i can't find it.
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    Feb 2, 2006
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    Theres loads of websites dedicated to posting game walkthroughs that tell you everything you need to know to finish a game. I suggest if you are really stuck you read the section on the level you are stuck on. Be warned though... once you have gone down the slippery path of looking for solutions its hard to stop... everytime you get stuck on a puzzle for more than 5 minutes you will wanna reach for the FAQ.
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    | Level 3-Castle |

    The good old fashioned Piledrivers from Super Mario World make an
    appearance here, pounding away at a blistering pace. Move right underneath
    two of the Piledrivers to find a Power-Up, followed up by running and
    leaping to the right to go under two more Piledrivers. Wait for the next
    pile driver to retract, allowing Mario to go underneath the platform to get
    the Star Coin, hiding there until the pile driver comes and goes, opening
    the leap to the right.

    Pass the Dry Bones to leap between the two Piledrivers, noting that if you
    get stuck in between, you will have to leap repeatedly to assure that the
    Donut Blocks do not fall away on Mario. Hit the ? Block for a Power-Up as
    you pass the halfway point, running past the first two Whomps, pausing to
    let the third Whomp fall down, using it as a stepping stone to reach the
    pole to climb upwards. Hop along the Donut Blocks ahead, reaching a rope to
    grab onto, swinging back and forth before leaping to the left. Run along
    the ceiling while going left, falling through the second Star Coin, landing
    on the Whomp, followed by going right to get to the swinging rope once more.

    Swing back and forth to draw the Whomp into flopping onto the ground,
    letting Mario leap past, running to the right to leap across a pile driver
    water gap to find a ? Block with a Power-Up inside. Next is a series of
    Piledrivers to run under/over and to leap, so go at a pace you feel
    comfortable with, eventually clearing the nasty area to spot the large
    doors. However, before heading through this portal, go right, using the
    Sldie Duck technique to get under the wall, swimming in place on the left,
    waiting for the pile driver to descend and then climb again, signaling Mario
    to jump up the ledge to reach the final Star Coin! Drop back down and swim
    under the ledge there to leap up, entering the large doors.

    Go to the right to find a bridge set up with fish below it, including the
    boss, Cheepskipper! To defeat this foe, leap onto his head as he jumps up
    above the bridge, getting him three times to beat him. Just note that Mario
    also has to contend with the leaping Cheep-Cheeps while doing this, and that
    Fireballs can defeat the foe in 9 hits. Not a tough boss, just leap
    carefully to defeat it, ending the tour of World Three!

    Available from GameFaqs
    Written By: Brian P. Sulpher
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    Feb 2, 2006
    Portland, OR
    i finally beat this level! it took me like 80 guys, but i did it! (my hands are a bit jittery because i have nerve issue's but i know how to get lots of lives.)

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