First couple of days and travel.

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by josh bear, Apr 27, 2015.

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    Hi All

    Just sharing my experience so far. Ordered a SS with black strap within 3 mins of the pre order window opening. Like many others received my delivery window starting from the 24/4. Needless to say it didn't arrive.

    On Saturday morning I happened to be in London and close to the Dover Street market. There were about 6 people queuing for the store to open. For those who don't know Dover street was one of the few places in the world to have stock to buy on launch day. 45 mins after they opened I walked out with a SS 42 with white strap (I have the stainless steel strap on order). The purchase experience from Dover street was great. An apple member of staff walked you in from the queue and then introduced you to a Dover street person. They were knowledgable and professional.

    My first day wearing the watch was yesterday (Sunday). Off charge at 7.30am. Some texting, calls, Instagram and general messing with the various apps. By 10.30pm the watch was at 14 percent charge. Quite happy with that.

    The watch feels very light in fact a couple of time I did that panicked grab of my wrist to see if it was still there. The quality is good from an aesthetics perspective and at the moment I am not missing my omega seamaster.

    Instagram works well although it only lets me see the last 7 photos from my feed. There should be an option to load more like there is with the Twitter app. The Twitter app is great ie. It works and easy to use. BBC news app is also a good addition to have. The phone worked really well. Yes you look like Dick Tracy (younger readers please google) but the sound quality is great and I had no complaint from people on the other end.

    I am a prolific phone glancer. Ie my phone is in and out of my pocket at every opportunity to check on the endless flood of emails from work. Yesterday the phone hardly moved from my jeans. One day is not enough time to make a judgement on whether this will continue like this but it is a good start.

    Re the OS in my opinion It is key to learn about glances and notifications as these can take you to the most frequently request places in the phone. Siri, which I find hit and miss on my iPhone 6 is fantastic on the watch. I have no explanation as to why the speech to text accuracy is better on the watch.

    One word on notifications, take the time to set these up how you want them. Get them wrong and you will be buzzed incessantly. I have Arlo cameras around my home and yesterday when the kids were in the garden it was like being mildly shocked every ten seconds.

    The hepatic feedback thing works but I did find I missed a couple of notifications until I turned on the prominent feature.

    Today, Monday I am travelling. This morning I used the BA app to scan my boarding card through Heathrow security. It worked with no issues. However the scanners at Heathrow arson your right and my phone is on my left wrist. This leads to a certain amount of contortion to get the watch face flat on the scanner. Wasn't too bad though. Against means the phone can stay in the bag. When you board a flight your boarding pass is scanned again however these scanners face downward and I didn't want to have the embarrassment of trying to get wrist and phone underneath so I reverted to my phone passbook. I had a good look at the scanner as I passed through and to be honest I am not sure that my wrist would actually fit. Anyone else tried this yet?

    Apologies for the long post. In summary I'm happy so far. Not found the apps that slow. Battery life reasonable for me and usefulness has been good. If I get chance will update later.

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    Off charger at around 5.10am this morning. Fair amount of notifications. Texting. One call of five mins and now at 38 percent battery.

    BA APP showing the boarding pass worked great at Zurich airport.

    Still happy with my purchase.


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