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Oct 28, 2002
I want to buy a power book. I NEED to buy a power book. I hate my PC and I am ready to switch. I hear that new power books may be available come November 5th. So I am wondering, do you think there is any risk in buying one of these powerbooks, hot off the press? Often the first run products have flaws that get ironed out in subsequent releases of the same product. I know with my Treo, the screens on phones released a few months after mine look noticably better.... How has Apple perfomed in this category historically?



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Jun 25, 2002
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It seems to me that during the last two years, Apple has done pretty well with only a firmware update within a month or two.

My last PowerBook, in 1998, was painfully slow (to me) and, within a few months, a replacement model was released.


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Feb 12, 2002
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it will not be a first generation powerbook. In fact it will be a 4th generation tibook, therefore it will have less flaws than previous models because apple will hopefully have learned from their mistakes.
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