First look at Oasis by Steve Uy (World Without End, Avengers Initiative)

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    This is the first trailer for Oasis, a story-based Finite Action RPG Runner from graphic novelist Steve Uy (Avengers Initiative, Uncanny X-Men, Feather, World Without End).
    Tentative release date: December 2013.

    You are the last survivor of a dead world, on a desperate quest to find the fabled Oasis, promised to bring life back to the barren wasteland. Set over five hand drawn and seamless worlds, you must cut your way through the vengeful spirits that seek to block your path and discover the tragic truth behind the cause of the world's ruin.

    - A story-based Finite Action RPG Runner with a defined ending. This is NOT an endless runner.
    - Five 100% hand drawn worlds with SEAMLESS transitions! Runs at 60 fps with true animation frame rates.
    - Illustrated cutscenes reveal the secret of the world's ruin the closer you get to your goal.
    - RPG style leveling system with PERMANENT upgrades.
    - Complete and standalone, NO IAP requirements.
    - Intuitive one-touch controls allows casual and hardcore players to attack, combo, defend, counter, jump, dodge, and unleash a special attack upon your enemies.
    - Three save slots, share with the family.
    - Bonus Mission Mode! A revamped Achievement based leveling system redefines the way you approach the game.

    For more info and gameplay videos, please visit:




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