First Powerbook, and first mac ever

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by, Oct 2, 2004.

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    Jun 29, 2004
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    Hi all,

    been lurking around this site almost for a year now reading, trying to learn and get wiser on what apple really was all about. Last christmas I bought an Ipod (40 gig, guess it's the rev 3?!) And just about three month ago I finally ordered and got my first mac computer product. A 15" powerbooks with all the upgrades you can put in it (graphic memory etc.).
    Love using it, allthough the mac OS system isen't as stable as I would have liked it to be, it haven't crashed as many times as my PC have so far.
    My only issue with my powerbook is one annoying pixel flaw almost in the center of the screen, it's not just white or black.. It's red?! was wondering if anybody else in here have had problems with red pixel flaws and what to do with it? It's quite annoying when using photoshop and so on.
    Other than that I love my Apple 'puter and would never dream of going back to pc!.
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    Congrats on the PowerBook purchase! Sometimes Macs come with a bad install of Mac OS X. Repair your permissions. To do that, go to, your HD/Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility and then select the drive on your left in that window and then press Repair Permissions (Not Verify Permissions).

    To try and fix the red pixel:

    Take a soft cloth and rub in a circle motion on and around the red pixel and see if it goes away. It worked for a couple of my stuck pixels. Don't press too hard, but rather just like your touching the screen.
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    Sometimes what appears to be a bad pixel is actually a splash of some liquid that has now dried and left a small lens that has you believing there's a pixel problem.

    A damp cloth should be able to wipe away the splatter -- just make sure you don't add any more by having the cloth too wet.

    Apple sells a package with two types of tear-open foil packets with screen cleaning tissues, and another with a bottle of something included. The pack suggests cleaning once a week; I prefer once a month.

    If you wear glasses, I would suggest cleaning them just before watching a DVD as it certainly helps viewing.
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    I also bought an iPod, and then ended up switching - a move I am very very happy with! Hope NEVER to go back!
    I also have a couple of mates that have done the same! One is has his own IT company and moving his whole company over to Mac - including re-writing his software products for the Mac OS.

    I now hate using the PC's at work - and had to use my work laptop the other day and I almost threw up!

    I got a 3G 40GB iPod last Oct (when iTunes for Windoze came out), and then bought my 17" PB in Jun 04! Completely head over heels in love with it!

    My OS is very stable! Only hiccups I've ever had was Safari freezing when I had several multiple chat windows open at once - but haven't had that happen since the second java update.

    As for dead pixels... i have one pink (?) one about four millimeters in from the left, and about 2cm up... So in the very bottom left hand corner. Tried rubbing it out - but no luck. ONly really notice it when I watch a 4:3 video or movie file. Had my dock on the left hand side for a while - but put it back on the bottom... so rarely even notice its there.

    Welcome to the club! Enjoy!!!
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    if spot is in center of display then you may be able to get it replaced, but only if it's very noticable, and it wouldn't hurt to mention that you need to do important gfx work. (apple tends to be a little more generous when they know you're a profesional purchaser.) I'd recomend a hike to your apple store, it can't hurt.

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