FirstClass vs M$ Exchange


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Jul 17, 2002
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Does anyone out there have experience with the current FirstClass product (Centrinity, used to be SoftArc)? It seems one of the "strangleholds" that M$ has over the Mac community and keeping it from being an "equal footing" corporate desktop is the accessibility of Exchange server - since the current version of Entourage is crippled.

So, I'm exploring the possibility of selling the FirstClass product as an alternative to Exchange. It seems to have everything you need, can even migrate users from Exchange, and even has a connector so the FirstClass and Exchange servers can talk to each other and share data. That makes the transition easier. The big plus is all the client access options for FirstClass - very cross-platform, allowing a company to have a varied desktop environment.

Any thoughts or experiences out there?


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May 24, 2002
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Re: FirstClass vs M$ Exchange

Originally posted by racolvin
Does anyone out there have experience with the current FirstClass product (Centrinity, used to be SoftArc)?
Any thoughts or experiences out there?
I have been running a FirstClass Server since 1993. It is the easiest server to admin that I have found, and is very flexible. Clients can access from the supplied client on Mac, Windows, and soon Linux. The OS X client software is in beta, but coming along nicely. They can also get in with any POP or IMAP email client, any web browser, or even a terminal program.

The server supports TCP/IP and UDP/IP connections, plus can have its own modems for direct client dial-in. You can gateway your server content with other sites, including beasts like Exchange and Notes, and you can also import NNTP groups.

The server includes calendaring and address book functions, and these can be synced to a Palm (and WinCE I hear is in beta now.)

Feel free to check out my FirstClass site. I have been providing free email and web space to Mac (and Windoze) users for years, and I don't plan to start charging like a certain fruit company out there....

Info is at
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