Five Architectural Flaws in Windows Solved In Mac OS X

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    Link: Five Architectural Flaws in Windows Solved In Mac OS X
    Description:: What was intended to be a short aside about Mac OS X's strengths turned into an entire series on Windows NT/2000/XP flaws! Here is the first of five examples of core Windows architectural problems that relate to process management, applications and security.

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    The funny thing is I think these articles are all going to end the same way.
    Its broken in XP but Microsoft is addressing it in Vista but its going to cause compatibility problems.

    MS has been in this position for over a decade now: how to implement security in a way that is backwards compatible while still moving it towards what *nix already has. Apple with its transition to OS X caused much wailing and moaning. Its method of backwards compatibility is pretty much the same as MS putting VPC (Which on Windows should just be called Real PC.) into the OS. (Something they are doing with the uber vista edition that will no doubt have a mortgage application included in the box. Apple got away with this years ago and now its Microsoft's turn. The question is are they going to really move everyone or are they going to blink like they did with Windows 2000 and XP. Time will tell.
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    For someone talking about security flaws, why does their "wiki" link return Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wfgetip() in /Library/WebServer/Documents/macwiki/includes/Setup.php on line 96 preceded by links relating to the more legally dubious side of pornography?

    Perhaps they should upgrade to a secure server such as IIS6 :)
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    His Wiki Link doesn't give me that error. It does however lead me to things that are too terrible to mention.


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