Five new features for Gmail

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 10, 2006.

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    Link: Five new features for Gmail
    Description:: Google has announced five new features for its Gmail email service, including a better-placed reply button (which doesn't work in Safari), a forward all option, better chat management and more.

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  2. splacid macrumors newbie

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    For all the talk of Apple/Google integration now that Eric Schmidt is on Apple's board, the fact that the new Reply button with a pull-down menu does not work in Safari is a pretty glaring issue. I frankly have not been impressed with the quality of Google's software for the Mac and their inability to port all features of their Windows services to the Mac. Gmail and Google Talk are perfect examples.
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    Google Talk and Picasa are the two most prominent of the services that don't exist on the Macintosh, yet there are better/more integrated alternatives. There's little sense in porting Picasa over to Macintosh, as iPhoto handles a lot of what Picasa is set to do. Google Talk can be accessed with services such as iChat or Adium. Are there other services to which you're referring?

    This particular problem (and it is so minor as it works on all other OS X browsers sans IE) is hardly a Macintosh vs PC issue. It's an issue of Google's priorities -- they tend to favor/test against Firefox a bit heavier than, say, Opera or Safari. In fact, Docs & Spreadsheets does not yet function in either of those two platforms. And, yet, they're still accessible from a Macintosh via Camino/Firefox. Perhaps the fact that Google prefers Firefox is a strike against them, but given the market dynamics and share of the browser, numbers demand that it'd take precedence over Safari.
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    I definitely wasn't saying this is a PC vs. Mac issue, being an avid Mac user myself. In fact, that reason is exactly why I've been disappointed by the fact that Google seems to offer its software and services first and more comprehensively to the Windows community (e.g. the months that went by before a Google Earth client for the Mac.)

    Another issue that I was alluding to is the option to do a lot more with email contacts in Gmail with Windows/Firefox than with Mac OS X/Safari. I just meant it's even more disappointing given the burgeoning Apple/Google relationship.
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    Everything browser-based seems to be working fine in Firefox and that's fine. Safari is gaining ground but Firefox runs on multiple platforms so it should be right up there. They haven't exactly ignored Safari, but it's tough to place it high on their priorities, given current market share.

    I've been using the mobile phone application for weeks and it works quite well.

    I'm not sure why a board member who also sucks money from Google should help Mac OS X or Safari any more than the board member from The Gap did. Did The Gap create any iPod-compatible products?

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