Fixing a little annoyance in Snow Leopard’s Mail

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 26, 2009.

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    Description:: For some reason that is difficult to fathom, Apple changed the way copies the text of email address in Snow Leopard. In Snow Leopard’s Mail, it copies the person’s name as well and encloses the email address in angle brackets. Annoying. Fortunately, a few moments and one Terminal command can give you back the old, sensible behaviour. Here's how.

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    I recall this same behavior with Microsoft Outlook, if I'm not mistaken?
    I thought the "reasoning" (though I don't like it, personally) is that by putting the email address inside the angle brackets, the mail client realizes that portion is the actual address it should use. The remaining text (their full name) isn't supposed to cause delivery problems. It just displays it next to the address in the brackets, for "user friendliness".

    Annoying though, when you really want to only copy the actual email address, to paste someplace else (like a web form?) where the other text and brackets WILL mess things up!

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    Either I really don't understand or the exact same thing happens to me in Leopard. And in Tiger too if I remember correctly... I'd have to check on my PowerBook.

    edit: oh, now I get it. Nope, it doesn't do that in Leopard.
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    Aug 16, 2007
    interesting hack - this has become a nuisance when wanting to copy an email address into the Address Book
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    Annoying in certain situations where the end client is not user friendly-aware, but in most cases this means that the person's name is copied for user friendliness and does not cause any issues with basically any browser out there.

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