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May 4, 2017
I will admit, I am a homer for the old school A1407 monitor. I know its essentially a dock with a display. I am also a homer for the 2013 Mac Pro. I pair it all with soundsticks 3, a 203 Logitech mouse, and a full size apple KB. I like the way the Magic Mouse works, but it's too small for my hands. Anyhow, my issue is the same as everyone else's: the smell from the fan on startup. I have heard that replacing the PSU is the only fix.

My question is, is there some sort of mod like adding an extra fan, recapping the PSU, adding a heat sink of some sort, or some other out of the box method to fix this and keep heat down other than just getting another PSU?

I know the easy fix is to get a new monitor. I know that there are better and faster computers than a 2013. I just like the aesthetic.

Has someone much smarter than me discovered a fix?

Also, is there any 27" displays out there that don't a grand or whatever that have a built in webcam and mic for the occasional face time?
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