Flaws in Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention Safari Feature Let People Be Tracked


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Mar 21, 2011
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Well.. I guess nothing was ever simple .. really

Add to this i have suspicion but i think all the crud Safari is loaded up with as a "prevention" gets in the way of downloads, either being interrupted or slow..

Specifically software from Internet Archive , but other sites too.

The real irony is that Microsoft Edge's icon is just the Internet Explorer icon with a piece lopped off. I still think they simply retitled Internet Explorer.

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They do look kinda similar.


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Oct 20, 2014
So true. I used to love Apple, but since around 2015 I've had nothing but problems with their hardware and software. Their software is so buggy; I remember when things just worked and now odd glitches are a daily occurrence.

Personally I hate this Safari feature. I much rather have full control over what sites store/don't store. On my laptop and desktop I have Firefox reject all third-party cookies (there's virtually no legitimate reason to have them anyway), in addition to usual extensions to block trackers, etc. Safari is only used on my phone and this "feature" of Apple's causes problems because it's not learning the sites I visit and keeps deleting legitimate cookies for those sites so I have to login/change settings when I visit. There really should be more control for the end user but that's not the Apple way.
"Bock all cookies" is an option in Mobile Safari.


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Sep 11, 2008
This team exists in order to provide a steady stream of bad press for Google competitors while allowing them to sort their own security vulnerabilities behind closed doors.
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Jun 20, 2003
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Do people use Safari? I'm asking as a serious question. I have a Mac and have never used it.
Considering it's the fastest, most secure, most mac-like browser there is, why wouldn't you?
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It has tracking prevention, but the icon is a compass? Oh, the irony.
You …don't know what a compass is for?
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22% market share for mobile is minority, yes. Desktop is ~9%.
Minority worldwide perhaps. Safari still the dominant browser in the developed wold. US it is 52 to 40%.
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Jun 10, 2011
This Apple user is doing just fine, thanks. ~~DRAAAAAMMMAAAA~~~
I don't doubt it for a moment. After all, ignorance is bliss isn't it ?
(cause it if wasn't, apple would be out of business, god forbid)