Fold to Unlock for non jailbroken devices. Lots of hype!

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by Dock Status, Jun 10, 2012.

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    iLifeTouch took a leap of faith building Fold to Unlock (actual name of the app) for iPhone and iPad simply because of all the jailbroken hype about this concept. We knew exactly that it would be a tough App to get approved by Apple. The team worked feverishly for 30 hours and hired some outside tech help and sure enough a great Fold to Unlock app emerged.

    App was submitted at the beginning of June and after 8 days the app was rejected for a reason that was amazing!

    Apple is claiming ownership to the " Fold to Unlock " concept and our app was rejected because it is too similar to Apples concept. In a million years we would have never anticipated this being the reason the app would be rejected! The reviewer made it clear to us if we made significant changes to the folding mechanism and the text slider the app "could be allowed".

    So we went back to square one removed the IOS Swipe to unlock slider (ours said " Fold to Unlock" ) and exchanged it with a simple rope no text. You drag the rope down and the folding screen now opens vertically coming from the top down. The entire team prefers the visuals of this concept a lot more because of the simplicity.

    Fold to Unlock is a great app that needs to see the day of light on the IOS platform. The visual experience alone makes it a show off to friends experience.

    This is just a quick look at what it is like being a developer. We still hope our app deservedly hits iTunes first.
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    What does your "Fold to Unlock" app do? What exactly does it unlock?
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    Fold to Unlock (Screenshots)

    We are not like many other companies trying to trick people into believing our app can lock and unlock your IOS device. Our app opens up a separate storage facility of your information that you have entered. No app is capable of locking your unlocking an IOS device. Many apps convey the message with their app descriptions, screenshots and fake reviews describing how great the locking mechanism is.

    The real exciting thing about fold to unlock is the animation of the unfolding. Simply click on the fold to unlock icon and you can show off the folding mechanism to your friends.

    Screenshots are attached.

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