Folks who owned white iphones, Would u get white again? was it hard to keep clean?


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Oct 4, 2008
I Never owned a white iphone, How hard is it to keep it clean under normal use?
Folks that have owned white iphones in the past, How hard is it to keep it clean under normal use? Would you get it in white again? why or why not


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Nov 9, 2008
Fort Collins Colorado
I had two white 3Gs and two white 3GS. I bought a 32GB white 3GS last weekend. I love the white. I keep it in an iSkin case. The original white 3GS stayed in that case for a year and was spotless when I sold it.

Just keep it in a good quality case and it will be protected.


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Feb 25, 2008
Annapolis, MD
I had a white 3GS and it was in a case since Day 1, so as far as keeping it clean, I'd take it out of the case about once a month to get the lint/dirt off, but it's pretty much spotless.

I think when (if) the white iPhone4's come out, it'll be a different ball of wax since the front will be exposed.

So to answer your question, no it wasn't hard to keep clean.


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Feb 11, 2008
There is glass on top of the white paint on both sides of the iPhone4, so it is no different from black. It's not like the 3g and 3GS where the Plastic is white. You will not be able to discolor the white paint as you will never be able to "touch " the paint.


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Sep 8, 2008
I had a white 3GS and had a few problems with it, firstly I had a case on it (Griffin Reveal) and bits of dust and grit used to get under the case and this caused the case to push the grit into the phone back which caused little black dimples all over the phone which looked horrid, then after about 2 months the back started to crack, I had a crack near the headphone jack and 2 cracks on the side of the phone and they gradually turned beige/brown and looked horrid, also the only people I saw with white iPhone were women and ***** in convertible Audis, these reasons put me off wanting another white iPhone


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May 14, 2008
I had a white 3GS and had no issues with it, but then again I kept it in a case. I would definitely do white again though.


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Jul 20, 2010
My experience after having used all of the iPhones released models to date is that the white color is less likely to show day-to-day usage and is quite easy to keep clean otherwise. I've had a white one covered in dirt from hiking, dark blue ink from new pants and the daily grime just wipe away with no remnants. I haven't yet purchased an IP4 and after today's announcement likely won't be able to until later this year but the look and lack of visible finger prints is worth the wait for me.


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Jul 23, 2008
I think the white looks cleaner than the black. I've owned both. The black always has the smudgy fingerprint look.

I was noticing that it is especially true for the ip4 models.

And another reason I was waiting for white.

In truth, the more I think of it, the more I wonder if the white would somehow get makeup and stuff in/around the home button. That'd look icky.

Maybe I should suck it up and buy a black with a white bumper or something. Bah.


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Jul 7, 2007
The hood
Man I loved white. I couldn't wait for the new one. 4 is my first black but i really like it, definitely wouldn't say no to a white though.


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Mar 3, 2008
Personally, I couldn't stand my white iPhone. It was so easy to get dirty. Thankfully, it was relatively easy to clean. I got it solely because my only concern was getting 16 GB, the highest capacity at the time. If they had it in black, I would've gotten that instead. When I ordered my iPhone a couple of days ago, I didn't give a second thought to when the white one was coming out.
You really can't compare a white glass phone to a white plastic phone. They're two different animals. If you're wanting to know what it's like to have the white iPhone 4, you'll have to wait for user reviews.


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Nov 27, 2007
Brooklyn, NY
I own a white iPhone 3G. No problem keeping it clean, although I think the iPhone 4 is a completely different animal given that it's glass instead of plastic. Even easier to keep clean.