Follow-up: Verizon DSL w/Mac OS X


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Jun 6, 2002
Thanks to all who replied to my earlier post on this :D

I went ahead and signed up with Verizon. Now, some of you mentioned connecting using a firewall (I won't be using a router/Airport). Which one do you recommend I get, and how does the installation go? Thanks!



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Oct 4, 2001
Natick, MA
To the WALL!!!

Ok, you say you will not be getting either a router or Airport base station... BOTH of those items have hardware firewalls integrated into them.

IMNSHO software firewalls are a waste of money, go with the hardware one. If you intened to connect more then one computer to the high speed connection, get a router/firewall with a multi-port switch. If you want something that is a snap to configure, easy to expend on either wireless or hard wired networks, get a base station and multiport ethernet SWITCH (NOT a hub). Yes, it's not a cheap option, but well worth the investment. You will save time (and your hairline) with the base and switch combo. You can easily connect both Mac and peecee systems online with the base/switch combo either via ethernet wires, or wireless cards (if you have someone come over with a laptop, they too will be able to go online, easily).

fyi, "IMNSHO"=In My Not So Humble Opinion"
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