Fonts showing in Safari when I tell it not too

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    Nov 30, 2005
    Hey I could use help resolving this Problem, any help please. I use Safari and FireFox. and Recently I downloaded some fonts and installed them like normal into Font Book. But when I open Safari I see everything in the Alien Font I got, and Firefox is in the Metalica Font I got. These Font make it hard to read the Websites and I have tried every thing I know. Including Disableing and Checking for Duplicates. Can Somebody Please help resolve this. I have also attached a PNG file to show you an example of the issue in FireFox.



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    Mar 10, 2004
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    Which fonts did you install? Did you replace some system fonts by any chance (bad idea)?

    Have you tried:
    - restarting (gotta ask)
    - cleaned font caches (easy with something like MainMenu), then retarted
    - repairing permissions (I'm not joking), then restarted (do you see a pattern here? ;))
    - resolving duplicates after uninstalling the new fonts and verified that your old ones, specially "key" ones for websurfing, like Arial and Helvetica (or even Times)
    - set the default font in Firefox to one that actually works (important after e.g. trying Minefield)

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