For 2012 rMBP - the ORIGINAL Screen Retention ;) - New LG Screens ARE being deployed

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by nickbarbs, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. nickbarbs, Jun 6, 2014
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    Hi guys

    Just an FYI for the old schoolers out there, who took the plunge in 2012 on this machine.. and by the way mine's been running great since I bought it, it's still fast and smooth with all the updates (UI lag is eradicated, battery is still great.) been looking for a chance to replace but this machine has proven to be a solid purchase in terms of both release cycle, value, and performer.... Probably the best computer I've ever bought, that is still relevant today after 2 years, and still competes with some of the latest releases out there. What machine has given this kind of life. I have no reason to upgrade..

    Except I was living with that damn screen retention for about two years! I had my screen swapped to a Samsung for IR in 2012, but apple store botched the job and gave me a new unit replacement back then, ironically the new unit had the LG screen again with screen retention :p But I ended up sticking with it because I much preferred the whites and colors on the LG vs the samsung.. just figured one day maybe they will change parts and I'll win, and the IR LGs will come out of circulation, and Apple was trying to use less samsung parts so.. just deal with it

    Well TWO YEARS LATER my friends, my time has come. I took the plunge and took my 2012 2.6/16/512 in for a refresher new bottom case, new fans, and screen replacement for IR all under warranty. Received my machine back and was pleased to find they replaced it with the 2nd Generation LG LP154WT1-SJA2!

    Whites and colors are just as good as before and the IR is totally gone. They seem to no longer use Samsung screens as replacement or I just got lucky.

    So if you're an old skool RMBPer and have been patiently waiting in the shadows for the time to strike on getting your icky first gen LG screen replaced.. Now is the time to strike!

    SHouldn't be this way but now i'm 100% happy with my 2012 rMBP :p hope this is useful for any of you who have been patiently waiting also.
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    Thanks for this info. Was there something specifically wrong with your fans, or rephrased what did you ask to get the replacements you did? Did they perform a retention test?

    I also have an LG screen and the retention has slowly got worse over the last yearish. I've been debating about whether it was worth updating as otherwise I love the screen (and like you the rest of the machine, which has been the best work horse, handling everything thrown at it; certainly my best Macbook).

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