For all the Jewish people out there - iHagada for Passover!

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    Two years ago, I shared with you iHagada iPhone App.
    Since then this app got some changes to make it look better and work better on all Apple & Android devices, and also added some cool stuff to make it fun to use for the all family during Passover.

    This year you can also enjoy the Hagada reading directly from your iPhone or iPad device!
    On the iPad, the application take the advantage of the big screen.
    The iHagada provide you with experience similar to book reading,
    moving through the pages in the Hagada will be accompanied with page flipping animation and flip page sound for realistic felling.
    Table of conetents will allow you to jump through the different Hagada chapters and songs.
    The iHagada is colorfull and include Passover related drawings.
    A language button will allow you to change the Hagada language from Hebrew to English.
    Also available in the application are Passover recipes (available only in Hebrew)
    from Kneidalach and Defilte Fish to Chocolate Traffels and Brownies made especially for Passover.
    For the whole family there is a game which will turn family photos into funny pictures representing the four sons.
    So this year, you will be the center of attention in the Passover Seder with your iHagada.
    No need to look for your Hagada in old cabinets.
    Enjoy and Happy Passover!

    You can download the iHagada for your iPhone and iPad devices from here:

    And for the Android devices from here:

    For more info, check out the developer's website at:

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    itunes link does not work
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    Here it the link.
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    Why do you think god thought he should save his people from slavery with all those miracles but didn't think they were worth any miracles when they were being slaughtered during the Holocaust? I remember wondering about that every year in Hebrew School.

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