For all you Midi gurus out there:


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Jul 18, 2002
Re: For all you Midi gurus out there:

Originally posted by mischief
If I wanted to run Dimmer packs and other theater equipment from a TiBook running OS X, what would I need?:confused:
assuming the theater stuff responds to midi, you'd need a midi device (either f/wire or usb) and some kind of midi sequencer.

usb midi devices are cheap ($50?). you could probably find a free sequencer. pro tools free is, er, free, and probably has a midi implementation (i know pro tools LE does, and though the midi is pretty basic, it should serve your needs).

emagic's microLogic AV could handle it, but it's not free:

EDIT: micrologic AV is $80:

EDIT: motu fastlane is $75:

EDIT: $40 Roland USB midi device:

is this what you're looking for?

EDIT: if you do order stuff from sweetwater, please contact me so i can get credit for sending you their way (they're a really good mailorder equipment company - and no, i don't work for them - i just buy stuff)


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Aug 1, 2001
Santa Cruz Ca
Thanx. That may help later.

but for the time being I think I'll use standard programmable light and sound boards.


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May 6, 2002
Brooklyn, NYC
you may want to go with something like a Keyfax Phatboy or a Kenton control freak. if you have lighting devices that are midi controllable you actually may not need the TiBook at all. i know such lights exist. not sure where right now. if you plan to control things in realtime than i'd go with Ableton Live for software. it's the most stable and it's OS X ready.
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