For my iphone, a good bose soundlink or a budget Inateck MercuryBox

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Hateteemo, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. Hateteemo macrumors newbie


    Jul 15, 2015
    I want to buy a bluetooth speaker for my music.

    And I chose two portable speakers: one is $200 Bose Soundlink mini bluetooth speaker and the other is $55 Inateck MercuryBox shower bluetooth speaker.

    I think 200 dollars is a little bit expensive. But I still want to choose a good bass speaker.

    Which one is better you guys recommend?
  2. Slicktype macrumors 6502


    Nov 8, 2011
    I can't speak for the MercuryBox, but I am a big fan of my soundlink. I actually have 3 thoughout my home. The Bass is perfect for my occasional hip hop and pop moments.
    The speaker is well built and I love that it comes with a battery which if charged, it can hold enough juice for hours.
    Yes, it is costly, but quality is what I am after.
    Hope this helps .....
    Good luck with your decision.
  3. Nassu macrumors newbie


    Jul 17, 2015
    I have seen what you said bluetooth shower speaker. It seems great at its price. I think sometimes you need to try some cheap things. Maybe its as good as the more costly one?
    P.S. Please tell me the what the MercuryBox actually perform if you decide to buy one.;););)
  4. E3BK macrumors 68020


    Mar 15, 2008
    I have this EC Tech for the shower and just recently this SoundBot for the bedroom. The Soundbot is fantastic and feels sturdy. Sound quality is excellent, it really can't be beat for that price point. I'd probably put it up against much more expensive equipment. I've had the EC Tech for about a year and I haven't had any problems with it. I've taken it to the beach and it didn't get messed up. I keep it in the bathroom w/ a MicroSDHC card loaded for music for those mornings when you don't remember to sync the bluetooth up for music. haha.

    I love the SoundBot so I highly recommend that if it doesn't need to be water resistant. But as one of the above posters said, I'd start at a lower price point unless the name brand is what you're after. Plenty of less expensive speakers out there equal to or better than the Bose.

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