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Discussion in 'Games' started by rye9, Dec 18, 2006.

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    Sep 20, 2005
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    OK so I have a Wii coming to me soon, and I'm curious as to what to get and where. I will get a second wiimote soon, however I'm sure there's more I might need. Now I also will be getting Zelda for the Wii, do I need to go out and buy a memory card? If so, which brand? Does nintendo have their own memory cards for wii? Also, I am going to get a component cable and a Wii points card, so those i am aware of. I was also informed rechargable batteries might be needed, I have some already but I believe I will get more. If there's any more items I might need please tell me so.. as for ps3 I will get that in the near future when possible, and I will get a HDMI cable for that but im not sure what else to get for now. :eek:
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    Don't worry about a memory card right now. There's 512MB of flash memory built in. That should be enough for several VC games and game saves. As far as rechargable batteries... I have the rechargable duracell batteries for my digital camera... they last a good long time and I got 4 + charger for about $25.
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    Component Cables
    Wiimote and nunchuk (however in the US, next month Wii Play will come out and will include a Wiimote with it,
    Classic or gamecube controller if playing VC.
    Rechargeable batteries or a pack of AA batteries.

    Check your straps to make sure they are the new ones. If they are not, fill out a form to get the new straps.

    HDMI cable
    Extra controller
    If you have ps2 or ps1 data and you want to transfer it, memory card adaptor
    If you get a 20gb, think about getting a bigger HD, remember to look for 2.5" SATA hard drives. Don't take the risk of adding for heat to your system with a 7200 rpm drive.
    Buy OFFICAL yellow dog linux disc or download them for free later this week.
    If going linux, make sure to have a USB mouse and keyboard, your apple keyboard and mice will do.

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