iPad For the people that said Apple doesn't innovate enough (iPad Air) since Steve died...

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Kendo, Oct 30, 2013.

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    During the original iPhone keynote, Steve mentioned that at the time, Apple released 2 groundbreaking products. In 1984 they released the Mac. In 2001 they released the iPod. In 2007, they hoped to release the newest breakthrough (which they did in the iPhone).

    1984 - Mac
    2001 - iPod
    2007 - iPhone
    2010 - iPad

    4 products in 26 years. Apple (let alone any company) cannot provide breakthrough products year after year. I don't understand why people look to Apple to innovate yet turn a blind eye to other tech companies like Samsung and ASUS.
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    And I can't wait for next year the iwatch new breakthrough!
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    because they flaunt themselves to be the company that does. its like the high school jock kid who talks himself up before every game. your going to expect him to score in that game. if he doesnt his appeal goes away and the silent kid whos been training all this time gets the recognition even tho nobody was expecting him to. not even the NEXT game because the original jock kid just boast himself up SO damn much.

    likewise is apple charging you 150 % what the products really should sell for . and that puts pressure on them to make the next product even better because they know your paying that premium

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