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Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by TMRJIJ, Nov 10, 2016.

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    I don't normally create threads outside my Development subjects, so work with me here. I don't know the rules here well.
    As a somewhat Liberal person, I didn't vote for Trump. That being said, I hold no hatred towards anyone that did. Our society has been heavy divided. Protests are occurring. SJWs are suppressing freedom of speech. Harmful people from right side are coming from the woodwork as well. Both parties have become irritable after this surprising event in history.
    I think this blog speaks for itself of peaceful conservative view:

    Great words Cassie.

    If you're a Liberal, please realize that the majority of opposing group are not close minded. You guys have blurred the lines between opinion and hate. You have mistaken different views with intolerants your race, gender, or religion. The Media and Leading Radicals have changed noble civil rights pushed it too far.
    Conservatives are not in the clear either. You have understand that racism is there. Sexism is still around. Inequality and Discrimination didn't go away but it now lingers in the shadows avoiding attention while the SJWs cry wolf. Please don't ignore the problem all together. Keep a close eye for this sort of injustice because they most likely will be hiding amongst your side.

    There needs to be middle ground. Of course this thread won't reach everyone in the United States. I hope the few MacRumors members here see that I for one, a Democrat, will not think anyone less than a person just because they have a different views of how our Country works.
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    I was shocked how it turned out, but I also quickly just resolved it to be it is what it is, we will still survive and life will go on.

    The part that has gotten my ire up, is the gloating going on by a lot of the republicans.

    All the way leading up to the vote, I have had a mixed bag of friends on social media. Now I may not have liked some of the things they posted, it's their right to have their own opinion. Since the vote, I have unfriended two of them because the spam gloating just got to me. The fact that they feel it's okay to completely look down and spew vile upon other citizens simply because their side won.

    The posts where they don't seem to understand... we are all still American's, just drives me nuts.
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    I agree. At the end of the day, we are all still Americans. We all want what's best for the country we live in and I hope that this debacle dies down soon. There's no need for sore-losers or sore-'winners'

    Also I believe Trump, Obama, Clinton, and even Tim Cook asked for made great amends for unity. It's really admirable that despite the long battle up until this point, that these leaders quickly dropped the heat and gave excellent words that were both humble and close to the heart. I'm pray that everyone will be able to take a breather around Christmas time.
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    Thank you for the time it took you to reply. I appreciate it. You honestly should think about sticking around here more. We all could stand to have another rational person posting here.
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    Agree fully. The post-election results would have happened regardless of who won, and not everyone thinks so (in my opinion) ideally. (btw - this is actually a hidden compliment. I really like people who think like you).

    I think the best way to look at these results - whether you're a Bernie, Clinton, or Trump supporter - is to pick yourself up, shake yourself off, and continue life. There's no need to gloat, there's no need to whine. There's no need in being dramatic over anything. What if Hillary won and the next 4 years didn't shape our the way people wanted? We're going to end up complaining about it, and the next presidential election will have campaigns revolving around that. We'll live through Trump's presidency as well. What we need to do is work together, put aside any differences, and as Obama said, we're all Americans first.
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    This is true, if you are speaking as a Republican. The Republican party has a long and storied tradition of thoughtful and well-reasoned political theory and practice, and have stood as the center of Conservative thought in this country throughout the last century. While I mostly lean towards the Democratic party myself, I have voted Republican in the past to choose the most well-qualified candidate.

    But we're talking here about Donald Trump. This man is not a Republican; he has no history with the party, nor does he believe in Conservative ideals. Worse, he is closely aligned with the Alt Right; I mean, Steve Bannon himself is now his right-hand man. And KKK leader David Duke is ecstatic. There is no "blurring" of the lines between opinion and hate; Trump explicitly ran on hatred. Hatred of Latinos, hatred of Muslims. Fear and loathing are his watchwords; creation of walls and deportation of non-whites his most treasured policies.

    Republicans may have elected this man, but don't be fooled; this man is no Republican. And he will be, by far, the worst choice our country has ever made for this office.

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