For those who have sketched on loose paper do you keep them all?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Sossity, Jul 5, 2015.

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    I have many sketches from my high school years and onward, on various larger sizes, kost are loose, not bound in a book, some on newsprint, quite a few are smudged pastels, should I keep them all, I am moving to a smaller space and I would like to gothrough them, maybe toss some.

    I thought of maybe digitizing them, that way I have images of them if I need them, but can toss some of the paper.

    for those who may or digitize thir sketches, do you scan them or photograph them? i could scan, but it would be a bit of a hassel, since many are larger than my scanner bed and smudged.

    I could photograph, but my space is limited.

    I just dont quite know what to do with them all.
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    I use scanner pro app on my iphone all the time to photograph documents. it's the same as scanning them. it's great, auto detects borders, corrects distortion, removes shadows from my hands / the phone, arranges into pdf files, auto uploads into dropbox, etc.

    Of course, for best results you need a good high-end scanner, but you be the judge, the iphone app isn't that expensive and it's good for low-value drawings.

    If you have a large number of drawings on loose leaf paper, sort them out into similar sizes, and either photo/ scan them all, or offload it to a photocopy shop, they will have a sheet-feed scanner which will scan 200+ separate sheets of paper in a couple of minutes for a few dollars.

    The sheet-feed scanner will choke on newsprint, torn, painted, crumpled or folded paper, so these you'll have to do by hand. Pastels should be sprayed with fixative before storing or scanning, so do that now to avoid more smudging. Large sheets, you'll just have to photo with the scanner pro app.

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