For those who locked their QuickPwned iPhone 2G by upgrading to 3.0.

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by ImNoSuperMan, Jun 18, 2009.

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    Well First things first. I had an unlocked iPhone 2G running on 2.2.0. Now a 2G unlocked via Pwnage Tools was told to be easily upgradable to 3.0. I had no idea wether it was unlocked with QuickPwn or Pwnage, but still I decided to give it a try. Turns out it was unlocked via quickpwn and I was left with a locked iPhone with no option but to wait for dev team to release the jailbreak/unlock instructions. But still thought to give it a try and finally after 4 hours of messing around I was able to bring it back to 2.2.1 unlocked via pwnage tools and and then updated to 3.0 resulting in an Unlocked 2G with 3.0 finally:). It`s right now syncing the apps etc and will take some time so I decided to share my experience in the mean time. Heres how I did it in case any of you r interested:-

    First of all let me say its not worth it at this point of time as the dev team is going to announce the updated instructions any time now and I m sure it`ll be a hell lot easier than what I did. It took me hours of messing around with the constant fear of bricking it.(though I dont think its possible to brick the iphones any more. but still I was afraid just in case)

    -Download links
    All iPhone firmwares- iHackintosh
    itunes 8.1.1 -
    Pwnage 2.2.5 for Mac-here
    Bootloader 3.9 -here
    Bootloader 4.6 -here

    -First of all I downgraded it back to 2.0.2(using these instructions). I was using iTunes 8.2 and it was giving me error 1600 again n agian. So I uninstalled itunes 8.2(instructions) and got the iTunes 8.1.1. Though it too gave me error 1600 in first try, and error 1602 in the second, it was able to do the restore in the third try.

    -Next I tried to use Pwnage to create custom firmware for 2.0.2 according to these instructions but it kept on saying wrong firmware. So tried it with 2.2.1 firmware. This time it accepted the file but kept Failing while creating the custom firmware. I almost lost all hope but then deleted the pwnage app and the pwnage plist file (found it with the help of spotlight). Restarted the Mac, reinstalled pwnage, and this time it successfully created a custom firmware for 2.2.1.

    -Then pwnage told me how to put it in DFU mode and iTunes 8.1.1 found an iPhone in recovery mode. I used option + restore to restore the new custom firmware created by pwnage. Few minutes later the iPhone was restored to 2.2.1 unlocked:). Once there I updated the itunes to 8.2 and then the iPhone to 3.0 in itunes using the Update option. Finally I now have an unlocked 2G iPhone running os 3.0:). it`s still syncing up all my music and apps. I had already checked the sim working before syncing the phoone, so there is no doubt left here. Just gotta wait until it`s done to get my my hands on it.

    Please note I have simply posted just my experience and do not take it as a guide. I m sure I did a lot of things which might not be necessary. It`s already June 19 and the dev team will be posting the jailbreak instructions very soon. SO you`d be better off waiting for them. But in case you still wanna do it, feel free to try.
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    A quick update. Just downloaded pwnage tools to jailbreak the iPhone. The first time I created the custom firmware I chose expert settings, increased the size, de-selected the custom logos, and told it that the iPhone was pwned earlier. But when I tried to restore this file via iTunes, it gave me error 1600. I tried 5 more times with the same file everytime resulting in error 1600 with iTunes.

    So I tried to create the ipsw once more, this time using simple method without messing with any expert settings. Also when it prompted if the iPhone had been pwned before, I chose NO. iTunes gave me no error this time and it restored successfully. Cydia is BACK. havent tried the youtube or any other app as the iPhone is restoring the backup right now. But I did make sure to check if unlock was working properly. Yup the unlock is fine. No probs making/receiving calls. iPhone Dev Team rocks.
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    Would you mind uploading the last firmware that worked for you? ive been stuck with the activation screen for days and the release was for mac only ...


    Im also on a 2g with tmobile
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    I dont mind but but m afraid if its legally ok or not. I mean tempering with the firmware yourself is okay but uploading and distributing it might be not be. Which made me realize why the hell are these pwnage tools required at all? All it does is break into firmware customize it a bit and repack the whole thing. Once you have the custom ipsw created all you need to do is restore the iPhone using that firmware. Then why doesnt dev team simply customize the firmwares on their end and just put that file on torrents.

    That would be a lot simpler for the most of the users who just want to jailbreak/unlock their iTihings. Just download that file and use alt + restore in iTunes. They can still make the pwnage tools available fore those who`d like to customize thier ipsw according to their requirements, like root partition and stuff. Their must be some legal problems in uploading the custom firmware. Or else why wouldnt the dev team chose that option.:confused:

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