Forced your kid's marriage? Free jailtime. [UK law]

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    UK to crack down on forced marriages. They claim we have around 8000 forced marriages a year, with 46% of those being Pakastani men and women. Eldest reported being an 87 year old, the youngest being a 5 year old.

    It'll be a criminal offense to force a marriage upon someone should this new law pass. [Note:currently it is an offense in the UK, but a civil one]

    Personally I quite like it. The years when a teenager should be studying, working, enjoying themselves can be completely lost in the distress caused by being forced to marry someone you don't have any feelings for. You can draw some analogies to rape.

    There are interviews flying around today of 14 year olds saying the were sent back home (home being places such as Pakistan), forced into marriage, made pregnant and being sent back to the UK to give birth.

    Some stats, Sky News
    'Statistics for 2012 also illustrate that more than half of the people involved in suspected cases of forced marriage originate from south Asia: Pakistan (46%), Bangladesh (9.2%), UK (8.7%) and India (7.2%).'
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    Good. People should have the freedom to choose their life partner.

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