formac studio dv?


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Feb 7, 2002
has anyone used the formac studio dv?

i'm looking to get something to allow me to capture via rca (both video and audio) and just wanted to see if anyone had experience with that, as that's what i'm leaning towards. or if someone would recommend something else that's around the same price (289$)...

thanks for any input.


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Mar 11, 2002
Franklin, TN
it works ok for video.. but I have had trouble getting anything better than 320 x 240.

The audio and video syncs fine but there are real issues with getting anything better than "iMovie quality" while using the formac software. If you have any computer other than a powermac g4 be sure to get the ac adapter as it needs more power and will drop frames and have audio trouble.

Unfortunatly there isn't anything that does a great job... I bought the formac after months of reseach and it is the best one out there. You may get better results by using FCP 3 to import the video but I haven't had great results with it yet...

As for the tv tuner it works fine but cant display full screen.

Like most of these firewire video boxes it is a half baked idea. Apple will probably release their own in the next year or so and it will do everything you need.

good luck.