Forrester: Vista on 12% of corporate desktops, Mac on 3.6%

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 23, 2009.

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    Or, to rephrase using the article's own figures: Vista is on 11.9%, Macs on 3.6%. (Guess they decided to round up.)

    Linux is on 0.1%, but this is desktop systems apparently--not servers. (I assume that includes laptops, but who knows?)
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    Feb 17, 2008
    Hopefully Exchange support + a possible cheaper iMac might increase that.
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    I highly doubt it. IT departments hate rolling out new operating systems because of the man hours involved and the amount of training that has to be done to educate the employees on the changes in the new OS. Now imagine not only rolling out an upgrade to an OS (XP->Vista), but a completely new OS (OS X) where absolutely nothing is like it was before. Anyone in IT that has to deal with end users regularly would rather stab themselves in the eye than deal with the guaranteed bitching and complaining. Not to mention that there's still quite a bit of Windows-only software being used every day by businesses. If there's going to be more adoption of Macs and discarding of PCs, it's likely to be smaller organizations where the hassle is far less.
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    I have Vista on my cheap Acer. It's okay - just seems "half finished"... :mad:

    All the stuff I'd like to see as far as improvements has shown up in Win 7 (tried the Beta).

    But, MS wants $49 for it to upgrade from Vista - should be free... :eek:

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