Four Corner Digital Hub?


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Oct 21, 2001
I just wanted to get some input: What do you think will be the other 3 devices for the 4 corner digital hub strategy? iPod is one, what about the other three?


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Oct 17, 2001
seattle, wa
in this corner...


1. iPod

2. iPad (pda)

3. an apple computer...

4. some sort of stereo / television interface component. letting you view all your content on a television via the in house network, internet, email, whatever.

All tied together with Airport.

Who know really. I guess I really dont know what I must have yet.


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Nov 8, 2001
Sin City
my input

next would probably be video, they will probably come out with a webcam/digital camera with a HD which will integrate automatically with imovie and OS X image capture app, and a high end DV cam with the option of which will integrate with either imovie or idvd,and probably will have either an internal HD, DV tape, or maybe a dual option and gigawire interface. thats video, next could be an at home box that has a removable cartridge based HD like the peerless system from iomega, a broadband internet access, airport compatible, firewire and gigawire interfaces, and a DVD drive. with such a device you could play games, use it as a remote internet access terminal via your mac, record television shows, watch dvds, listen to music streamed from the base mac, or stored on the internal HD watch your imovies, etc. basically a webtv with a humungous upgrade, and by the way the i2dvdbox is a real product, just not affiliated in any way with apple. that takes care of all 4 corners, DVD, Video, Photo, and music which is the ipod. now what everyone would probably love to see would be either a wireless mac webpad with touch screen interface and access to all your mac's data, or a revision of the newton with a color screen and wireless net access via Airport or any of the other WIFI formats coming out. or it could be something like national semiconductor corp.'s origami, which combines PDA, DV, DigiCam, Wireless internet access, MP3, and portable video conferencing. I've heard rumors of something called iWalk, but who knows. Apple is the most creative company out there, they need a major speed breakthrough to accompany their digital hub strategy, and lemme tell you, its a brilliant idea. well here's to the crazy ones!


Jul 9, 2000
just got back from circuit city

the digital hub thing is many mp3 type devices, cameras, sony stuff, etc...

the consumer world is ready

i also went to the local apple dealer and they sold 9 out of the 10 ipods they got in just 48 hours!


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Jul 7, 2001
I believe that the next "corner" to be produced would be either an Apple digital camera or software title such as iPhoto. First off, if you watched the QT iPod press conference, the only corner that was severely lagging in both hardware and software is the Photo corner. Using Image Capture to compete their digital hub strategy...,please!!! It's a really cool feature of OS X.1, but it's just that...a feature. It cannot be called a corner of Apple's digital hub. I feel that is where Apple is concentrating on now. (of course except for my free 2.8 gighz g5 coming next week)


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Aug 29, 2000
iPod | Some Sort of camera ?
(Digital Music) | iView... or something... (for iMovie)
(for iTunes) |
iPad or | set top box ?!?! TV interface
iMate | component ?!?!
PDA ?!?!? | if ever, this one will come last

phew... that took seom time to do....

well, coffe break is over - time to go on my lunch break...



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Oct 17, 2001
Bartltt..small place in IL
the 4 corners theory is very intriguing. So i would just like to put in some of my input...

1. iPod - this was a very genius way of beginning the digital hub strategy (or at least making it of notice)..."music is the life Blood of the universe.." - true

2. Digital Video/Photo/et cetera - This may already out there, but just wait apple will intergarate other features into iMovie, overtime and might change it's name to something more general (referrign to Movie making software as wel as; photo editing software (probly very advanced) and and other special effects tools such as Animation Master...look it up...

3. The Macintosh - it may vary but it will remain the base for all your other three digital hub things, firewire will be the standard, just as in iPod...and it will have tremendous speeds by 2004 (15 GHz +)...
and thus setting a high standard for others...and dont forget theywill hav television capabilities just as my old 6500/300 used to have but better (a lot better),

4. the fourth quarter of the digital hub strategy will be the whole idea of a "PDA", they will do this but as some of u have sed, it will come in the not so near future...i say give it 3 -4 years, but u know apple they came out with this iPod and no one knew about it until a week b4 debut...they are sneaky and they are geniuses so until this possible "newton" is out we will have to stick with the other three..and if u look at your options

"You Have the best working on three things that will no doubt be invincible, and that ain't bad....."


Jul 9, 2000
let's hope that fourth point you mention -pda- comes out sooner than that

we know the pc world might throw together their own hub asap