Four philosophical questions to make your brain hurt

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by cosmokanga2, Nov 20, 2008.

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    Thought it interesting.
    Full article and more at BBC
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    I say kill Bill. What has he done for the community?
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    Holy facks. This is exactly what I've been thinking about lately, and I was actually going to make a thread about it today. Everything that happens, including everything that we think, is a result of something else. There's no such thing as free will, every thought we have branches off of something else that has happened. So, if we knew everything about the big bang, and all the laws of the universe, could we run a simulation of the big bang on a computer, and tell the future? Assuming it's possible to create a computer that powerful.

    Damn BBC, that was my idea :(

    The other questions sucked though.
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    I thought it was impossible to know both the position and velocity of a particle?

    That's why I always make sure I have a GPS in every car I drive.

    Officer: Do you know how fast you were going?
    Me : No, but I know exactly where I was.
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    If the kidnapper allows you to shoot one hostage dead, what's to stop you from turning the gun on him instead? Once he's dead, we give his organs to the five sick people, and then you can use the gun, a wad of human hair and a straw to "jimmy" power steering fluid into the brake line for the tram (a la MacGyver) thus saving the day.
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    Their findings challenge conventional notions of choice.

    actually, i think these findings challenge the common definition of conscious and unconscious decision making. it's not a new line of thinking...just one that's not readily accepted.

    the bhagavad gita:

    "the man who has seen the truth thinks " i am not the doer" at all times-when he sees, hears, touches, when he smells, eats, walks, sleeps, breathes.
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    I think that line of thinking made sense up until the discovery of quantum physics and uncertainty. We find that electrons are spinning in both directions at the same time until we observe them. Then their spin is fixed in one direction. Perhaps making decisions is a type of "observation" that fixes an electron going through our brain to one particular decision when others were equally valid.
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    OMG- quantum physics. Don't me started. That stuff is so fascinating! I wish I were better at math- I'd be locked away in some University lab somewhere getting into it.
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    In the hostage and train examples, absent any other information you're dealing with a person who's insane enough to force you to choose between taking the life of one or taking the life of many. Who's to say he's telling the truth?

    How do you know that the current path of the train isn't the one that only has one, and he's trying to make you throw the switch to kill 4?

    With the organs, there may very well be a compromise. A person can live fine with one kidney so if one of the dying people can be saved with a kidney, it can be done without killing the donor, there may be other options available making it possible to save one or more of the terminal patients without killing the donor, and as long as the donor is conscious it's up to the donor or his/her custodians whether or not they want to donate their organs to save the lives of many.
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    Since when did we start calling God Fred? :p
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    There is will, but it is not necessarily free. There are sequences of events, but they are not necessarily predetermined. There is value in life, but it is not necessarily quantifiable. All these designer quandaries are based on lazy supposition and cliché masquerading as truism. Many, if not most of us are driven by force of habit and prejudice in our smallest as in our largest decisions, whether we recognise it or not.
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    Since when did vehicles on rails have power steering? :p

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