Foxconn to Buy Sharp

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    This is what's pure liberal spin:

    And Acer, Asus, HP, Dell, we know... you know, the staged competition because real competition takes profit away from the rest and that's bad. We're always told competition is good, but then we're told buyouts and monopolies are good every time a buyout occurs...

    And yet the article nowhere once mentions Apple's 75% profiteering markup. Only liberal spin on making it affordable. If made in the US and without child labor or slave wages, the percentage would not go down to anywhere near 0%, 10%, 20%, 50% (never mind negative percentages), not by any margin. But everyone knows a true and legitimate global economy would have factories worldwide, so if one went down the rest would continue to make up the slack. Like when the flood konked out every single hard drive maker (leading to higher costs and hurting everyone else) because the companies did not diversify their manufacturing operations on a global level...

    But the article probably runs in "debate mode" - debates are forced to show one side of an issue and never to humor or include opposing viewpoints or facets. Especially as the markup has been known for more than half a decade, it seems hard to believe people wouldn't know those details. Then again, many people still don't know about the suicides, forced morale parades, nets in worker domiciles, etc, that Foxconn uses (among other signs of ignorance for a number of issues...)
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    LOL, kind of sad how you look at the world with such blinders on. Not everything is liberal vs/or conservative.

    How you're trying to make this out to be some liberal bias could easily be applied to you based on how you're reading into it. It could be said you're applying a bias to it where one doesn't exist.

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