Freak Show brings Photo Booth to all Macs

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    Link: Freak Show brings Photo Booth to all Macs
    Description:: If you have an older Mac (or even a brand new one like me) that Apple has decided doesn’t support Photo Booth, then Freak Show is a great app to try. I would definitely recommend you download the free version before contemplating purchasing the paid version, as there are darn few Macs out there that can properly take advantage of the paid version’s video capture capabilities at this point. If you find the performance and playback of the preview window is fast enough on your system, then splurging for the extra effects and video option is a good idea, especially if you have small children who will find it fun to record themselves making those ” hilarious” faces.

    Rating: 8 out of 10

    Price: Free or $12.95 for the paid version

    Pros: Mimics pretty much all of Photo Booths functionality, Paid version captures video and offers additional effects, brings Photo Booth’s effects to the masses

    Cons: Not-quite-seamless integration with the iApps, performance is sluggish on even some newer systems, video capture requires a fairly robust system

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