FreakyAlarm - the iPhone alarm clock that wakes your brain (FREE for a limited time)

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    Oct 21, 2010
    ★★★ LIMITED TIME OFFER - I'm giving away FreakyAlarm for FREE until March 20! Enjoy! Tell your friends to grab it too! ★★★

    FreakyAlarm is an alarm clock that forces you to wake your brain because you will have to solve a series of logical-math games otherwise it will not stop ringing. It also provides a means to control your own path of recovery, as measured by the iWake coefficient. You can monitor the trend of your progress and achive badges.


    More details and contacts are available on

    iTunes App Store:

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    What's New in Version 1.2:

    Back to the Alarm. FreakyAlarm 1.2 introduces the FreakyGames (logical-mathematical questions):
    ★ FreakyBubble: burst the alarm-bubbles in the required order
    ★ FreakyShape: tap the required shape the correct number of times
    ★ FreakyClock: set clock hands at the time expressed by mathematical formula
    ★ FreakyMath: solve a math problem

    Other changes:
    - Audio control "anti-stress" to automatically reduce the volume as you solve the questions and to increase it in case of wrong answer or excessive time
    - Includes a number of important stability and performance improvements in notification system
    - Possibility to test the alarm
    - Improvements in UI, graphics and other various aspects of the app
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    Very well done app! Been looking for this feature. Was thinking of adding it to my own app but now it seems you cornered the market. :eek:)

    Also good use of repeated local notifications. We do the same in our Place Clock. Have you seen other apps doing this?
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    Oct 21, 2010
    Thanks ;)

    Repeated local notifications? No, as far as I know. Other alarm apps have introduced local notifications, but not in a way so invasive =P
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    Oct 21, 2010
    FreakyAlarm 1.3 is out!
    Priority calibration update - the version 1.3 brings an important revision of the levels of Priority:
    • 5 Priority levels
    • Randomness in the combination of the games
    • New difficulty calibration
    • 2 new FreakyGames (FreakyWeight and FreakyMemo)
    • Improvements in UI, graphics and usability
    • 4 new badges
    • Priority help
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    Snooze, iPod fade-in?


    So I'm coming from Android using "Gentle Alarm", which I absolutely love. It looks like your app is going to work for me on the new 4s, but I have 2 questions:

    1. When playing music from your iPod as your alarm, is there a fade-in for the music or does it abruptly start?

    2. Is there a snooze? I know that's as basic an alarm clock feature as it gets but I can't find anything on whether or not freakyalarm has one. If so, is the snooze adjustable? And can you set it to where you have to answer math problems to turn off every snooze?

    - Ryan

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