Fred Thompson was a WH mole while serving on Watergate Committee

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    Uh-oh. Looks like the savior-in-waiting of the Republican party just got his halo tarnished.
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    Jul 18, 2002
    If he was the "saviour", then Republicans are in deep ****. Better actor than politician.
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    Thompson has another problem. Back in 1991 he apparently lobbied the first Bush administration on behalf of the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association. While this might cause him to lose some support among social conservatives, the real problem is his denials that he ever lobbied on behalf of the group, in the face of substantial evidence that he did.,0,54260.story
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    As a side note to this story, it was actually Nixon who helped give away the existence of the tapes. Nixon provided 'memoirs' to counter allegations being made by John Dean. Unfortunately, he made some of them far too detailed, including direct quotes. Dean had told the committee that on a few recent WH conservations, he felt like he was being taped. This was ignored until the memoirs were read. One of the WH staff was testifying before the committee. I cannot recall who it was, but it may have been Haldeman. Anyway, he was being grilled about what the source of Nixon's memoirs was. It was being used to discredit Dean's testimony. "What was the source, and how can it be so detailed?".

    **Insert major drum-roll for an incredible blunder**, "Well, it may have come from the taping system". **Pandaemonium breaks loose**

    It was then testified that Haldeman's aid, Col Alexander Butterfield, who maintained the system, with the Secret Service.

    Butterfield is called before the committee, and our boy Fred gets to make his major contribution to Watergate immortality. He gets to ask Butterfield if he knows anything about a taping system at the WH. By this time, everyone already knows about it.

    Nice job, Fred! :rolleyes:

    Butterfield was never implicated in Watergate, or the cover-up. His son is now head of Naval Intelligence.

    If it is true, that the minority chair of a secret Senate investigation was leaking their work to the group under investigation, he should be censured (minimum).

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