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    Well MacRumors it's been a wild ride these past 7 months developing this app. Since we were last on these boards we have been successful in the launch of Photo Candy and now have released a major update to the free version while simultaneously releasing Photo Candy Pro which will run $1.99. I've updated this post with relevant information & photos. If you would like a Promo Code to try out Photo Candy Pro I will be giving out 5 to MacRumors members and it's first come first serve! Thanks for your support and check out the new update.

    If you want more information hop over to the itunes page in the appstore. It just got released today so it's hot off the presses!
    https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photo-candy-add-shapes-patterns/id680469544?mt=8 (Free Version)

    Photo Candy is a unique new app that allows you to add patterns on top of your photos & then mask them out with a shape. Full customization of colors & filters for the pattern, shape, and background allow you to take a normal photo and turn it into a piece of art. With over 40 patterns & shapes built in the possibilities are endless. Take your creativity to the next level with Photo Candy!

    (Free Version)
    Features ///
    *Timer 5, 15, 30, 60 seconds
    *Scale & Crop (Instagram Ready)
    *Presets so you can save your favorite filter effects, pattern & shape combinations, and more!
    *Favorites folder for easy access to your favorite patterns & shapes
    *25 Filters & 20 Colors that you can control independently via opacity sliders. Blend colors & filters to create your own custom filters!
    *40 Exclusive Patterns and Shapes! Modify them using pinch, rotate, and slide.
    *Alignment & Rotation tool to precisely have control of your shapes & patterns.
    *Multiple Layers so you can build as much or as little as you want
    *Share your photos instantly via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc

    How to use Photo Candy ///
    * Upload or take a photo
    * Scale and crop photo
    * Add a preset, modify the preset, or start from scratch
    * Add a pattern, modify the pattern to your liking, and then add a color/filter to your pattern
    * Add a shape mask to your pattern, modify the shape to your liking, and add a color/filter to your shape
    * Adjust the background color/filter
    * Save and share to all your favorite social media sites

    Whats Coming ///
    We are overwhelmed by the support that you all have given us throughout the building of Photo Candy and we will continue to try to make Photo Candy the best app that it can be. Here’s a little of what you can expect as we gear up to give 100% full support to this app throughout it’s life cycle.

    Community with featured Photo Candy edits from around the world.
    In depth tutorials from the basics to advanced features of Photo Candy.
    Developer chats, so you can give direct feedback straight to us!
    Special themed pattern & shape packs.
    More photo editing features.
    And much, much more!

    Make sure to hashtag your awesome candified photos #photocandy on Instagram or Twitter for your chance to be featured.

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