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    Feb 24, 2013
    How does NICE+ Weight Loss Plan work?

    What will you get in free-download NICE+ app?
    1, Personal privacy account used to track your physical situation and weight loss goals;
    2, Free to take professional personalized evaluation every week, find out most serious problem each time;
    3, Post simple and variety tasks according to the evaluation results every day;
    4, A mini-completion summary provided in the end of each week;
    5, Weight record function can help you track body weight in a timeline;
    6, A free trial for 1 week is provided in the beginning.

    Why choose NICE+ to lose weight?
    1, Strongly simple to use. Do you feel that the well-known weight loss methods so difficult to persist and always failed in the end? But NICE+ Daily smart tasks efforts in finding out one problem each time and focus on resolving it in 1 week.
    2, No boring tracking. Feeling complicated to track what you eat and exercise every day? Or always have no ideas to arrange your daily tasks? NICE+ helps you to resolve these troubles, telling every details of how to lose weight. It’s actually never hard to be nice.
    3, Sustainable effective. NICE+ gives much easier methods to develop the healthy and scientific life-style and makes difficult to rebound.

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    Feb 24, 2013
    7 days free trial!

    Free download immediately, gain free trial 7 days valued $0.99. More supervised updating coming soon, welcome to be NICE+:)!!!

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