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    A handy and well designed tool to download FREE&LEGAL music from the internet.

    There are many good websites which allow you to download music freely and legally. "Free Music Downloader" can help you download and manage music from these sites to your iPhone/iPod/iPad and play them using a built-in full functional player which can run in background.

    Built-in help is available.

    Key features:
    ★ Built-in web browser with download function ★

    - Download music files: mp3, m4a,wav, etc.
    - Auto-Trigger a download task when you click a downloadable link.
    - Bookmark manager: add, remove, manage bookmarks.

    ★ Download manager ★
    - Download several files at the same time.
    - Add, Remove, Pause, Resume, clear all downloads.
    - Badge value for number of active downloads.

    ★ USB ★

    - Transfer files between your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad and computer via USB cable.

★ Built-in Music Player ★

    - Full functional music player.
    - Kinds of repeat and shuffle modes.
    - Background running.


    Full version:

    For iPhone/iPod touch: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/free-music-downloader-download/id463465632?mt=8

    for iPad: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/free-music-downloader-hd-download/id454068436?mt=8

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