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    Jan 22, 2004
    Hype Gallery

    taken from some photo site but applies to other artists

    New opportunity to get your photography seen at HYPE - 07 Jan 2004
    HYPE is a new London-based free-flowing creative project that invites art students, young designers and film makers to participate in creating their own gallery. On the opening night, the blank walls of the HYPE space will come to life as work from new talent is downloaded and exhibited. It is open for two months from 22nd January 2004.

    The unique project aims to help artists by providing the technology and the stage that will enable them to release the private vision in their head to the wider world. Anyone can turn up to the gallery space with a digital picture or short film on disc that can be downloaded, printed out or projected. Artwork will be displayed using technology from HP, who are funding and hosting the project.

    Artists will have the opportunity to showcase their work to a wide audience, through the HYPE website, during the exhibition and through special viewing evenings for the media, advertising and film making industry. A creative panel drawn from the worlds of design, art, academia, film and music – is also involved to provide insight into the trends found and to comment on works of specific interest.

    The HYPE gallery is located at the Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London E1 in the hub of London’s emerging artistic community. Open every day from launch on 22nd January 2004, it will finish at the end of March 2004. Admission will be free and the event will be open to the general public between 2-6pm each day.

    To learn more or find out how to add art to the gallery visit

    pretty nice, ive popped down and its sweet
    just wondering if anyone else is gonna get involved
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    sitting on your shoulder
    Oh that's sweet! :D I think I'll upload something...
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    There's something similar taking shape like this here in New Orleans...or so I think. I like this nonetheless. I wish there were more movements like this around to support the arts in all cities. :)

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