[FREE GAME] Blowfish Meets Meteor -- an underwater block-breaker/adventure hybrid

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    Greetings everyone! I toiled away on making the art for a game called Blowfish Meets Meteor. It's a highly rated block-breaker (oozing with personality, I might add!) that is now rapidly climbing the charts and finally starting to get the attention we think it deserves, and to celebrate we're offering it for FREE for a limited time!

    It's universal on iPhone and iPad, but it has the scale of a console game (60 uniquely designed, challenging levels that amount to 10+ hours of gameplay). Please give it a look (and if you rate it and leave a review, we would be extremely grateful :)).

    Click here to download on the App Store



    Watch the ridiculously dramatic trailer!

    "A brick breaker game with a bite"- AppAdvice
    “Gorgeous animation” – Arcade Sushi
    "A block breaking game with more imagination than most"- 148Apps
    “Tons of personality that will appeal to players of all ages” — The Gamer With Kids​

    Block-breaking action like you've never seen it before! Rescue your mermaid daughters, slay gigantic sea monsters, and smash a few gajillion blocks while doing it in this stunning block-breaker-meets-puzzle-platformer hybrid.

    *Thousands of frames of hand-drawn animation!
    *A massive adventure with over 10 hours of content!
    *Six gigantic, unique worlds!
    *Epic boss battles!
    *Nearly thirty minutes of original music!
    *No in-app purchases!

    Take an epic journey from the surface of the waves to the mysterious, alien trenches at the bottom of the ocean. New surprises lurk around every corner: you'll summon fluffy penguins to aid you, flee zombified pirate ships, create makeshift platforms from the lingering ghosts of jellyfish, use gigantic laser beams to blow up entire levels, fight to escape from the belly of a vengeful whale, and more. At the end of it all, you'll battle an unmatched evil and uncover the secrets of a mysterious underwater world.

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