Free Immortal Files Backup And Versions - backup and view history to ftp,dav,sftp.

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    May 3, 2014
    (New) Backup to Google Drive

    Immortal Files doesn't just make a backup, it creates transactional copies of data. This means that your backup will always remain intact, regardless of losses of connection with the backup storage device. Say, for example, you create a backup on a sftp storage device, which you have at home, but because the volume of data is too large the backup doesn't finish copying. You close your laptop and leave for work. After you return home, the backup will resume from its stopping point. Or say the electricity goes out while you are making a backup.

    Transactional backup ensures that your data will be intact. Transactional backup in Immortal Files is based on the fact that operations in a file system are sequential. If part of a command is not executed for some reason, after restarting Immortal Files will roll back your backup to its state before beginning the transaction. This allows you to never loose the structure of the backup. All backups, which Immortal Files creates are executed in the transactional method. There is also a log record, which allows you to see what happened, and when it happened. ftp, sftp, webdav, smb, afp protocol are supported. External usb(firewire) drives are also supported.

    So my personal promise is: if you find a problem during backup or recovery to ftp/dav/sftp/ servers or usb drive, i promise it to fix within one week.

    Question: Do you think it is good to have amazon S3 or openstack api or anything else?

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    May 3, 2014
    New 1.1 version released

    Main features implemented:
    - Openstack swift. Upload your files to the swift server.
    - Bootable backup. Create a bootable, full clone of your Mac OS X disk.
    - Add backup verification.

    Immortal Files is finally working right now and is still free.

    The feedback from users received:
    1. Fully featured. Free (wow). It operates the same way I would have done it if I coded it. Supports a bunch of different storage formats, even swift!
    2. Thank you for coding up Immortal Files. It works great!
    3. This is a unique type of software designed mainly to make backups or store data on offsite media such as an FTP site.

    Also complete application manual have been written

    Most popular question from users: "Why it is free?". I received this question may be 5 times. The answer it will be free for the first 1000 users.
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    May 3, 2014
    New version 1.5 released

    New features:
    - Backup to Google drive. The best option - 100GB and 2 000 000 files (complete mac os x copy ) of data was uploaded in 3 days. Next incremental backup was done in 1 hour.

    - Backup to Dreamhost DreamObject
    - Backup to Rackspace cloud.

    Heavy tests was done and no limit was found. It may transfer any amount of data with our transactional approach.

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