Free iPod laser engraving if you order before Valentine's D...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 7, 2004.

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    No, it's free through March 27... and a tip for iMS users:

    It's been free for a while--on iPods and Minis--and will still be free through March 27. $30 savings.

    But there's ANOTHER $30 savings off any Apple Store order $299+, and THAT deal is only through Valentine's Day.

    That means a total of $60 off an iPod, of instance--if you wanted it engraved (which I'd want for anti-theft/loss anyway).

    That brings the 15 GB iPod to $239 essentially, or the iPod mini to $189! (Plus $30 engraving.)

    I'm seriously thinking about the iPod Mini. But wait--it's less than $299 and doesn't get the $30 off unless I expand my order. Hmmm... I want a dock anyway... that brings me to $288... should I throw in $11 of stuff I don't really need, just to save $30? No! I use iTunes Music Store, so I have another option :)

    If you want to save $30 on orders LESS than $299... Just add an iTunes Gift Certificate for YOURSELF to the order, to push yourself over the edge and get the Valentine's Day deal. Spend the Gift Certificate any time later. As long as you shop at iMS anyway, this trick should let you get the $30 discount without changing your habits or buying anything more than you were.

    I've got a few days to decide... if the Mini ships by the deadline and gets widely good reviews (or one shows up at my local store to see), then I'll probably go for it.

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