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    Aug 1, 2004
    So I dont' think I've ever thrown away any of my magazines. but they're just taking up space now, and I never look at them, I don't want to be a collector. I have a habit of collecting and holding onto stuff. So if there are actual collectors out there I'll send them to you so they won't be wasted. Just pay for shipping and handling. I'll probably use the flat rate boxes from the USPS and charge a couple bucks for my time on top of the shipping. So I guess it ain't totally free, but damn good deal if you like magazines.

    I'll list all the mags I have and if interested I'll send you the issues I do have.

    Listed in no particular order...

    Computer gaming world
    Tips and tricks
    Official Playstation Magazine
    Seed The Source
    Computer Graphics
    Art in America

    Post here about the issues I have then after I post what I have, give me a PM. Thanks for looking. I'll probably keep this up for a week until I recycle everything.

    I also have some Spiderman comics from a long time ago.

    Maximum Clonage 1-4
    2099 unlimited Jul 9
    Web of Spiderman Jun 125

    Also free, just pay for shipping. I reallt don't want to throw these away even though, they're not worth much.

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